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A Rock, A Robe and A Rope


People who surrounded Jesus before, during and after his death came from all facets of life.

Photo by Randy Harrison

The roles played were important. Some having direct influence on his death, others played distant occupiers of the day. Then of course were his immediate family and closest friends.

As the Bible teaches us about each one, there are many questions. As time passes and as we grow, we become different characters just as some of these did.  God gave us the stories of each one to help us relate in our everyday sufferings and victories.

From John the Baptist, the forerunner to Christ, to Mary and Joseph who were his earthly parents.

Peter-The Backstabbing Rock

Mary Magdalene The Sinful Saint

Judas Iscariot-Officer of Betrayal

Pontius Pilate-Author of the Crucifixion

Roman Soldiers-Casting Lots

The Two Thieves-The Least of the Least

The Tomb Guards-The Binding Liars

Joseph of Arimathea-The Sanhedrin Disciple

Thomas-The Doubtful Believer

The Disciples-The Transformed Twelve

Peter wept bitterly after the 3rd rooster crowed.

Mary Magdalene became a “celebrated disciple” and the first to see Jesus after he arose.

We all know what happened to Judas Iscariot.

Pontius Pilate washed his hands of his blood.

The Roman soldiers wanted his robe.

The two thieves were considered useless in society.

The Tomb guards witnessed one of the greatest miracles recorded and yet denied it to save themselves from death.

Joseph of Arimathea was an honorable counselor who disagreed with the crucifixion of Jesus.

Thomas simply didn’t believe the whole Jesus theory.

The Disciples were ordinary men who God used to become extraordinary.

How did those who didn’t believe react later if and when they discovered the truth of what they had done?

How did they live with themselves?

Did they wake up and look in the proverbial mirror every morning and go about their lives as normal?

Or were they stricken with grief over their sin and iniquities so much so their lives were beaten down with guilt?

Were they chosen by God to play those evil roles of sending the Savior of the world to his death?

To be truthful I see myself in most of their characters. Unfortunately I am Peter who denied him; Thomas who doubted him and Mary Magdalene who was filled with evil.

I see myself questioning his guilt or innocence as Pontius Pilate did.

Maybe I wasn’t like the Roman soldiers who wanted his robe; but maybe I would have. After all, in a way Jesus had become a celebrity.

I can see myself in Joseph of Arimethea who had compassion and wanted to give him a burial tomb especially since I didn’t try to stop his crucifixion in the first place.

But more than any I see myself as Judas.

Years ago I would have sold Jesus out for a few coins. I would have crept behind the ideals he taught and gone behind his back with a desire to bring him down.

I would have buried my conscience to deny his truth to save my reputation from being linked with one who declared himself the Son of God.

The story is too unbelievable; too reckless in the sense of guarding one’s honor and prominence.

The story is too bizarre for one who never heard it before to grasp it outright.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection cannot be mirrored by any movie or tale of mystery.

Yet, it is what it is.

A truth to behold; a fact of history and a relationship given to mankind in a scene of horror that leads to love.

Unraveling the characters that may have been born to play these memorable parts is a definition of who we are. They were people like us only marked for their transgressions for the whole world to see.

We may never know how Judas Iscariot may have lived his life had he not taken it.

I took my end of my rope to the cross and left it there.

As far as I know it is still lying on the ground beneath the feet of Jesus.

And that is where it belongs.

Photo by Randy Harrison




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7 thoughts on “A Rock, A Robe and A Rope

  1. I’m never sure if I’m normal but I can see myself in several characters in the life of Christ. I think as long as I am not all at once or stuck on one I will continue to grow.

    • Thank you for your comments. At least we know that we are no different than those who lived and walked during Jesus day. WE all have to follow him no matter where we start out.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve identified with them all, too…

  3. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

  4. Beautifully written Cathy. At our worst and our best we reflect the saving grace of Christ. If I ever even attempt to think of myself as better than the next God places His Word as the ultimate correction.

    God bless you!

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