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“I Promise not to Promise”

Don’t you just love it when another person assumes you will take over when they haven’t even asked you to do so?

Don’t you just love it when you haven’t been given notice of taking over that project they started but don’t want to finish?

Of course not. Just dump it in my lap.

The alternative word here is assumption.

“Oh, btw, would you finish dinner while I run out to play golf?”

“Of course I will even though my life is in crisis right now.”

Assume the person you are dumping on has no idea they have been
chosen to follow you around to be the dumping ground.
How should they react?

It is one thing to start your own projects.

It is another thing altogether to start your own projects then gently hand it over to someone else.
Add to the project is a look of “if you don’t do this you will be guilty for not finishing my project.” Huh?

When did your project become my project?

When you left the stove on with dinner cooking?

When you walked out the door to go shopping?

Don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping.

Proverbs 12: 22” Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
but those who act faithfully are his delight.”

If you have any hesitation about making a promise, then don’t do it at all.

All or none. Complete or incomplete.

Volunteering is a necessity these days in many outlets; especially churches. Volunteering is great if done with Godly motives.

The definition of a volunteer is to offer freely to do a task; without pay, or presents or free meals. Yep. Nothing in return.

And if you choose to volunteer for anything, you should do so wholeheartedly for however long you signed up for.

Sadly, we are engrossed in signing up for prestige, fun or even the occasional free meal at the local buffet.

Get your name on the roster and never show up. Except for the parties. Or the trips. Or the basket full of fruit.

When did volunteering become a job?

When you volunteer to do a project and you back out for no real good reason,
ultimately that project is going to fall into the lap of someone else.

“Why should I bother when someone else can do it?”

Unfortunately my years of working with the public and in many instances the use of
volunteers has foiled my desire to believe any of them are doing it for nothing.

In fact, those who employ volunteers do so giving them the “freebies” to keep them happy and volunteering.

Well……maybe what you are trying to accomplish isn’t God’s way of doing it in the first place?

Maybe you should check with the Almighty first to see if that project or activity or group is on God’s schedule for you to do.

Believe me, this has been overdone. Too many people dreaming up more busyness that inevitably amounts to very little or nothing.
If it ain’t in God’s plan, don’t do it.

If you make a promise keep it.

If you aren’t sure you can keep it, don’t make it.





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