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Wisdom isn’t all it’s cut out to be….


The Farmer rarely has any medical issues. He is fortunate.

Next Thursday I will be assisting him while he has an impacted wisdom tooth cut out. After 3 dentists/surgeon’s diagnosis yesterday we found out why he has been having shots of severe pain in his jaw.

The surgeon told him “it won’t be an easy surgery due to the position of the tooth and the connection to the bone.”

This shall be a test of his patience and my nerves. The few sniffles, or colds he has endured in the 9 years we have been married, you would have thought the sky fell. All I can say to that is he should be thankful he was not born a woman with major female issues and severe allergy problems.

I have no idea what I am in for. This is the part when I ask you to pray for him, but honestly I am the one who will need prayer that God will stop me from doing something to him I shouldn’t!

So far he is doing what I tell him to do (lol) but having surgery will present a whole new dynamic to the words, “You have to rest.”

Now this isn’t funny but it is. The surgeon gave him Ibuprofen 800mg per pill to take every 8 hours for the pain;
2000 mg of penicillin a day for 7 days for infection.

Due to his lack of ever taking medication on a regular basis even for a week or two, he wrote a schedule of when to take what and how much each day. He should be allergic to dust.

Admitting he was a chicken, he will be knocked out with an IV of drunken stupor anesthesia.
In case I need help, he will find a friend of his to aid me in case he gets the notion to break the rules or drive while intoxicated.

Unfortunately I know all too well about the medical field and how it works. Having 4 wisdom teeth of my own cut out many years ago, my experience will trump any ideas he may have of defiance or disobedience during recovery. If he does, I will hide his pain meds.

Character is often revealed in times of distress. We shall see which one of us perseveres with a tranquil disposition or as a roaring lion. Either way, it should prove to be an indulgence in humility and at times comical.

The most fun will be that for the first time, he will be at my mercy. HAHA!

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7




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14 thoughts on “Wisdom isn’t all it’s cut out to be….

  1. I will definitely say some prayers of patience for you and prayers for a speedy recovery for the farmer. He better treat you right. If not, you can threaten to have all his teeth removed. LOL! 🙂

  2. oooooooo i hate dentist, i never leave a dentist chair without pain following me out the door……..i wish you both good luck and prayers are sent for both of you

  3. DO you work in dental? I did for about one year, but my mother has worked dental now for over 20 years…. Cute post btw!

    • Lyn, no. I am a chicken when it comes to medical issues! Probably because I have had so many problems especially when I went through menopause. I thought divorce was bad, but it was a piece of cake compared to that.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

      • Ah, you would hate my job! I’ve worked for Hospice, nursing homes, and everything. I’ve literally found people dead and had to prepare them for the undertakers. I’ve had eyes open during the ‘final’ clean up, air escape their lugs and worse! Dental has its detestable points as well, but, I’d say nursing is worse if you have a weak stomach! The plus, I’ve led lots and lots of dying people to Jesus Christ, and even a few nursing members! The rewards are far better than the bad! God bless you sister! Keep us smiling!

      • wow, Lyn you must have known your calling right off. I could never do any of that! So glad people like you are around! Are you still working and taking care of your family too? I love my doctor and her nurse. In fact my doctor goes to the same church we do. But she has had unbelievable heartache.

        Last November her 30 year old son died from a brain tumor. Now when I see her she always seem so sad when before she was always so happy and making jokes.

        You must have an iron stomach and a mind of steel. I cry watching Hallmark Channel!

        Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

      • Yes, I still do that kind of work. It’s always sad and hard..it never gets easier emotionally; but, I must say that you always can tell who went to heaven and who didn’t; okay, not always, but oftentimes. Some of the people, the ones I knew were saved, they would be gone before their body died. Their eyes would be open, but you could tell nobody was home…just staring off into space and not moving, except the lungs moving and the heart beating. They seemed at peace. Then, the ones I knew didn’t even believe in God would usually be miserable until their heart finally stopped. Now, this is not always true necessarily, just a frequent experience. I don’t want to freak anyone out who had a loved one that either fit the bad description, or didn’t fit the good… it was just a common thing..never black and white. The gratifying part of it is knowing you helped someone, that you gave to them the special things they needed, and when you are able to lead someone to Christ, you feel happy for them. I had a lady who loved the Lord with all of her heart..she had hepatitis real bad (conditional, not contagious) and I stood next to her bed and held her hand, telling her not to be afraid, that the angels were coming for her. We sang Our God Is An Awesome God together, both smiling. I also had another pt who was only in her forties. She combined cocaine and alcohol and she spent the rest of her life in a caged bed, flailing around and unable to walk. I used to act silly when I’d give her ‘her’ bed bath..I’d stuff tissues up my nose, sing like an idiot, and snort..she’d crack up laughing. The staff of this paricular nursing home (I worked for Hospice, traveling to nsg homes) didn’t believe me because they said she’d been there for 10+ years and only cried and moaned in agony..had never smiled or laughed. I brought them in and proved it.. boy did I feel special; I didn’t know she never laughed or smiled! So, there are happy, positive things to the job.

  4. Praying the whining won’t get you down. And a speedy recovery for your husband!
    God Bless you all!

  5. God bless you Naphtali!

  6. Enjoyed your post…I will be praying for you both.

  7. There is nothing worse than a whining/moaning husband….Oh Lord have mercy!! I’ll be praying HARD for ya’! I’ll also will wait for a praise report. God can do a miracle here. Please…in Jesus name.

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