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My Song wasn’t Written by Josh Groban


God gifted many people with the vocal cords of angels. Musical geniuses, worship leaders, choirs, the Jennifer Hudson’s and Josh Groban’s of the world are blessed to open their mouths for all to hear their Adams Apples move.

We are surrounded by music on the radio, TV, concerts, Church and even in the shower. Musical prodigies and instrumental virtuoso’s have no limit in today’s culture. The harmonious melodies of all varieties are heard from the “Church in the Wildwood” to The National Anthem to American Idol.

Venues of rock concerts to the local taverns have skyrocketed talent that otherwise we would never know about.

But….I don’t have Celine Dion’s larynx or our church worship leader’s vocal box. The day God gave “sets of lungs” I must have been absent. Why he didn’t give me notice I still haven’t figured out.

I wanted to sing. Not sound like a croaking frog or a sick cow.

Why wouldn’t God want me to be able to sing like Bob Marley or Janis Joplin?

Why wouldn’t God gift me to spread his word through song? My husband has an esophagus that could serenade Juliet.

How did that happen? Was he in a different gift line than me? Or did God leave me out on purpose?

It’s bad enough I have no ability whatsoever to carry a tune, playing a musical instrument is worth a call to 911 for noise disturbance.  There was no point in trying out for a tour with Josh Groban.

Worshipping God is difficult when the sounds reverberate from your throat like a squealing pig. So what does one do that has no tone? No melody? No harmony?

Enjoy the great and talented voices of others God has gifted.

Realize that just because we weren’t born to sing, doesn’t mean our gifts are any less useful or needed.

Search for the gifts and talents that God gave someone who was never meant to sing.

Moses had a speech impediment. The day he saw a “burning bush” he probably hadn’t written on his calendar, “Today I become the Deliverer.”

Joseph was treated with total disdain by his own brothers.  The day he became the 2nd most powerful man in Egypt probably wasn’t his answer to ” What do you want to do when you grow up?”

And we can’t forget the Apostle Paul who hated Jesus and anyone who followed him. An educated Jew, Paul was blinded by God on a road trip. Did he wake up that morning, pack his bags and schedule a meeting with God to reform his ideologies of what it meant to be a Pharisee? Do you believe he expected that day on the Damascus road to become a “Jesus Fanatic?” Naaa….that wasn’t on his to do list.

Many are born with gifts and automatically know what to do with them.

But many are not born with natural gifts. Our journey is different.

It is like getting up on the wrong side of the bed and falling out of it.

Trial and error can turn into years of seeking God to find his plan for us as individuals. Along the way he may grant us clues or signs but often still feel like we are in the dark.

We make the mistake on our Damascus roads of seeking the goal; of always looking for that moment of knowing why we are here so we can begin to do God’s work.

In God’s world it may not be the goal as much as the process. Life gets in the way of identifying we are doing the call of God every day.

The reflection of our hearts; the service of our hands, the written word in a blog.

The smile we shed on a downtrodden soul or the laughter we share in an offbeat joke.

Maybe our voice, our Adams Apple of music is simply living out our own Damascus Road in the light of God’s son in our little corner of the world.





Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.”

15 thoughts on “My Song wasn’t Written by Josh Groban

  1. after years of wondering what god given talent i have, i have come to the conclusion that he gave me compassion and a caring for others. doesn’t seem to be actually a talent, but i think that is what mine is since we all have a special gift

  2. I have always struggled with wondering if I am using the gift God gave me in a way pleasing to Him. I am so glad to have blogging and print-on-demand these days to help me in my quest to share. Then, I start to wonder if I just think writing is the talent God wanted me to use. Maybe, He would rather I concentrate on something entirely different. I’ve finally decided to just keep plucking along in a prayerful direction until God points me differently. As the sermon this Sunday at our church emphasized, it’s not about our ability, but our availability to God. He, after all, can do anything with nothing. We just have to be open to listening for His instructions. Thanks for a great post!

    • Dear Ramona, Thank you for your comments and kind words. Yes, I too grapple with the same issues but you are right in that God can do much with nothing; we only have to be available.

      Writing was always a dream of mine as I wrote outrageous essays in school. My teachers would read them aloud because the kids loved them. Just don’t ask me to do math, or science!

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

  3. This post was so amazing!! I got chills. Thank you, sister 🙂 How cool. Wow. thanks!

  4. Reblogged this on Growing in Jesus and commented:
    This was really an awesome post. Thank you, “Did Jesus Have a Facebook Page” for writing it!!

  5. I can’t sing either, Cathy! But you are a talented writer! I think God probably has people right where they are most of the time. If your a writer, nurse, pilot ect. and enjoy your job and shine for Christ your probably where you need to be. Great post!
    Thanks for adding me & God Bless You!

  6. Actually, we are all called to covet, to crave, to boil over with zeal, and to desire the spiritual gifts, but especially we are told to desire prophesying (1 Corinthians 14:1). All of these gifts, especially prophesying, are just waiting for us to ask for them. So, if any of us lack gifts, it’s probably because we haven’t bugged God enough with our pleas.

  7. Love the line “In God’s world it may not be the goal as much as the process.” I’ve wondered & asked Him many times what my spiritual gifts were and how He wanted me to use them. Some gifts I believe I know but have doubted. And He’s been showing me glimpses for a while, I think, and I feel that I wasn’t READY for some of them. He’s been molding me, teaching me,etc. and I’m trying to open and fearless about them. Probably will see some posts about that in particular….. Larry, thanks for the comments about desiring & “bugging” God about them, especially prophesying….it helps.

  8. I read somewhere that what you desire most and don’t have is what God wants to give you. So I believe that if you ask God to help you to give glory to him in song, then start singing in faith, without worrying how terrible it sounds, you will get there. I was told to stop singing throughout childhood, and not allowed to break in to the music ministry at church for years. I have tried to record my singing several times, but something always goes wrong, and the only examples I have are terrible. But recently I sang at my sisters wedding and everyone was amazed, and now I am recording in a professional studio, and will make public the results. I had to be humbled many times so that my singing would give glory to God and not to me.
    So what I’m trying to say is, if you want to sing, ask Him, and He will lead you. 🙂

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