Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

Christianity 0ut of the Box



Do you ever wonder who is reading your blogs?

It is unfathomable that the words we write can reach people across the world in an instant.

For the most part, most of us who do blog would probably be shocked who reads our words.

Wonder why they read them?

Nothing better to do

Searching for answers




A good laugh or two

Readers want to disagree with you

They just like to read

Those who continually read blogs either like what you have to say or hate what you have to say. Particularly are groups called “trolls.”

If you aren’t familiar with the word “troll” it is someone who purposely searches another one out for the purpose of disagreeing with them. A troll by definition is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.

Having a few “trolls” follow my blogs or facebook messages has been limited and ended up in my trash bin. If they desire to speak against me that is fine; but to continue unleashing their hate filled words and rhetoric is unacceptable.

The trolls that have attacked me found out I was not playing their game nor was I going to listen to their agonizing agendas of animosity because I don’t believe as they do.

I don’t go chasing other people down because they think differently than I do. I have better things to do. Like pray for them.

Trolling is an online term but is certainly not limited to social media.

My view of  trolls is they are similar to bullies. Whether on line or in real life they seek out others to cut them down to size emotionally and mentally. Using limited knowledge, trolls can be rude, obnoxious and arrogant believing they know what is best for everyone making sure their voices are heard whether you want to hear it or not.

I appreciate all who read my blog posts. God has been gracious in allowing me to write whether I am serious, factual or sarcastically humorous which I find to be so much fun.


After losing my sense of humor years ago during very difficult circumstances, God gave it back to me.
I am convinced God created humor and he wants me to show others that side of him because so many don’t find God funny. Believe me, God is funny.

I have never written anything meant to hurt someone else. That is not my goal and is not who I am.
I speak the truth and if that truth hurts, then maybe that person was supposed to read it.

If you choose to read my blog I thank you. I appreciate the comments and cherish what others say to me even if we don’t agree.
God has used blogging as a way to uplift, help and minister to each of us. I have learned so much from all my Christian blogging friends.

God does not want us to pick apart the Bible to suit our needs and goals nor would God want us to do the same with each other in what we write.

For centuries the Bible has been interpreted wrong, torn apart and taken out of context.
For those of us who write with a Christian theme, we should expect no less from our adversaries.

The truth is if they are reading our blogs at all, they must think we have something important to say.

If they are reading it for abusive purposes, to cause strife or hurt people, or taken out of context then I say,

“Start your own blog. Don’t use mine for your personal agenda. My words are copyrighted.”




Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Thanks for the pug. I agree with you about trolls, but I think we’ll see more of that as time goes by, it comes with the territory, especially if you write about current events.

  2. well i must admit, i haven’t met too many trolls, and don’t want to either

  3. Although no one mentioned it I had family members reading my blogs. So, recently I get an email from one, a sister. She tells me I have misquoted her and slandered her because I used their foolish beliefs as a basis for writing. Perhaps this was my bad seeing as those who know me well, that would be hardly anyone, might figure out which family member I was referencing. Not likely. I never used their name. I responded to the letter, which I believe is the enemies ploy to shut me up, with “I think the best way to resolve this is never speak again.” Not really the best but I am not good with confrontation and I do not feel that I did anything wrong.
    If you have family plunging off a cliff, should you not tell them? Hmmm. As my own moderator, inflammatory and derogatory comments get trashed.

  4. Well, Praise God, Cathy. You must be doing something right or the devil wouldn’t be attacking you! Keep up the good work!
    God Bless You!

  5. I feel you sister, but God’s word will stand. I just shared on true fellowship. This is truth and we must stand together.

    I love your sense of humor because God has one and He created you.I love you Naphtali, keep standing for God because as long as you are standing for Him, I know you not laying down with the Devil!

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

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