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“I’m not the Repairman”


Why is it when something breaks men always ask their wives to take care of it?

Who do they think we are? The plumber? The Electrician? The General Handyman?

If I could do it myself then why did I ask you about it in the first place?

I do not have a degree in “fix it all.”

I do not have a degree in “fix it all” because I don’t want to “fix it all.”

I want you to “fix it all.”

“Oh, honey, just go to Lowes and they will help you pick it out.” Sure! Right! I have nothing better to do especially since I have no idea what I am supposed to pick out.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have a Lowes. It’s like a copout for “I don’t have time to mess with that, but Lowe’s can tell you what you need.”

I wonder if the sales associates at Lowe’s get tired of men sending their wives who know nothing about ice maker filters to them to buy an ice maker filter.

Maybe they send us because they don’t want to look like they don’t know what an ice maker filter is?

Naaa…..they really don’t want to do home repair work. Why would they when they can get their wonderful wives to find someone else to do it for them?

Of course it is just one more role for the loving, caring, smart, intelligent, bright, clever, resourceful women that we are. Only we didn’t ask for it.

It is an assumption I have discovered by most men that we women are to be considered for every job that comes along. Never mind that it wasn’t in our marriage contract that we were supposed to become “Tim the Tool Man Taylor.”

If there was an advertisement for most women it would read as follows:

Needed; Full time wife. Hours: 24/7. Pay: 0.00, No vacation and no benefits. She must be qualified but not limited to be a chef, banker, housekeeper, parent, nurse, caretaker, educator, and all around handy woman. Prefer someone with extensive knowledge of car and appliance repair. Please call or email for the full list of job requirements.

Who in their right mind would answer an ad like that? Not me.
Oh. But, those are all the jobs I do every day plus some?  Where is my paycheck? My vacation?

Recently a male blogger friend of mine told me I needed to read Proverbs 31.
You know, the chapter describing the perfect wife? Well I read it.

There is not one word in those verses claiming we wives are supposed to be automatic repair women.
And it does not say we have to go to Lowe’s to pick up ice maker filters.

Now, I can just hear some of you men out there yelling,

“It may not be in Proverbs 31 but it is under the “Umbrella Contract of Submission.”

WHAT! Don’t even get me started on the proverbial, controversial submission clause.

The Submission clause is for another day.

For now I am the wife who is of noble character, brings good to my husband and speaks with wisdom. (Proverbs 31: 10, 12, 26)

P. S. At the request of my husband, I went to Lowe’s today and found the filter needed for our ice maker.









5 thoughts on ““I’m not the Repairman”

  1. this was excellent! one of the reasons i miss having a man in my life is because i need a fix-it-all man, otherwise, i am fine on my own. haha

  2. “She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.” (Prov. 31:27 NLT)

    It looks like the ice maker falls under the above scripture to me.

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