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There is a point my blood will boil.

The Church of Scientology is not the “church” of the God I serve.

Not that I care about Hollywood or the drum roll for Tom Cruise, I am however glad Katie Holmes has seen some kind of light. What kind of light, I am not sure but at least she hit the switch.

Leaving her controlling, manipulative self-absorbed Tomkat was a move well done. Her exit has opened the door to expose the Scientologist’s for who they really are.

I am no expert by any means on their so-called lifestyle, but reading more about it lately reminds me very much of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Researching in-depth the perverse “Watchtower Group” has made me almost cynical to any group resembling their notions of ideologies.

The sole purpose is to feed the pockets of those in authority through mind control or brainwashing to a dictatorial power struggle. You do as they say or you get punished. The rules change as necessary for the “power hungry” to continue their rush of conquering the helpless. Don’t ever believe you are as good as you can prove; it won’t happen. Your class level is based on performance. And forget ever leaving.  They have the art of Shunning perfected along with watching your every move.

Katie Holmes should be wary of those whom she has left. She may or may not have an easier rode depending on ex-hubby Tom. If there is any indication of his prior sense of protection as he referred to it, she won’t be free anytime soon.

Having read many real-life stories of Jehovah’s Witnesses who tried to leave or successfully did so, life was no piece of chocolate cake afterwards. On an average now, 60,000 are leaving each year. Mostly due to the cataclysmic hardships the Watchtower places on them along with the unruly demands. Those who do escape are left alone without their families; some never see them for years or at all.

Sadly, many of these people are very nice; at least the ones who use to come to my door. The annual Jehovah’s Witness conference is held in July in Columbia SC which is not far from where I live. Usually in April of every year they send out their missionaries to knock on doors of the surrounding areas to speak “their” gospel and invite people to their conference.

It is interesting I have not had one show up this year. Maybe the word got out to stop visiting me because they didn’t get away from my doorstep without hearing the “truth.” And one of their core beliefs is to stay away from those who do not agree with their twisted teaching.

In the wake of the recent split between these two Hollywooder’s I hope Katie’s bold move will awaken people to the truth of Scientology. What better person would God choose to expose this group but the wife of Tom Cruise who is one of their biggest donors and authority figures?

It is also my hope, that Tom will see the light as Katie has along with the many other headliners who indulge the practice of Scientology.

Any group who uses the word “church” to identify themselves without the representation of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and God’s only son is an open door to the enemy. It is another tactic of Satan’s to discredit God.


In my study of Jehovah’s Witnesses along with those I have met, God revealed to me how empty these people are. Their lives are an embodiment of a made up story leading them nowhere. Most are hungry to be loved and accepted but have allowed themselves to be caught up in a false sense of security by greedy domination from people who propose to love them; only with strings attached.

God wants us as Christians to love them into the Kingdom of God. The next time one shows up at your door be kind to them. Show them something they don’t have which is the truth. Even if they argue the point of the truth, you have planted a seed. Once they leave ask God to take that seed and water it with his love and compassion.

You may never know how far the seed you planted may grow, but the seed you gave them may be the only one they will ever get or needed to receive Jesus as their Savior.





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