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As you all know it is summer, but it is more than hot outside. Open the door and walk into a sultry, blistering, boiling pot.

It gives new meaning to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s unwavering trip into the fiery furnace.

As the heat wave has spread across the nation, we are blessed with power and A/C. Many have been ravaged by storms leaving them without either not to mention road blocks, live wires and massive damage.

One of the nicest amenities to our subdivision is our electrical lines are all underground. This low area is known for monster storms. Some have produced lightning so strong and close at times it sounded like it hit the back yard. God has protected us through every one because we have never lost our power in the almost 5 years we have lived here.

After living in the mountains for 17 years where the electricity regularly went off it is a great blessing not to have to worry about it. But….it’s all in how I view our circumstances that make all the difference.

Life is often about perspective.

The sick person knows what health is.

One who lives in a rundown trailer understands the meaning of wealth.

The small town preacher in a foreign country knows how important family is.

The family living without air conditioning in 100 degree temps welcomes a breath of cool fresh air.

The landscape of our minds can easily turn into panic when it feels like all hell is breaking loose. In those moments is when we need to stop, sit back and think before we take action. Ask God to fill us with peace and calmness guiding us through the importance of the issue at hand as he sees it.

Now you are probably thinking,

“What? You must be kidding! Relax! How can I relax? My world has just caved in and you expect me to be calm?” Actually, yes. If I have to do this, so do you.

Coming from one who never experienced a Panic Attack in her life until 2 years ago when my father almost died, I now understand the perspective of remaining calm. When the winds of change slap against you like a tornado, it is tempting to want to curl up in a closet and remain while it rips every wall around you apart. At least you are somewhat hidden from the debris, rocks and glass shattering your world. Only, at some point you have to open the door and come out for a bathroom break.

Not that I have mastered this crippling, gloom of distress at all but at least I opened the door and crawled to my doctor’s office. 3 months into the constant anxiety of my ill father, the 24/7 care he needed and the exhausting trips I had to make back and forth, I suddenly felt like a building had fallen on top of me. As I sat in my swivel chair, I uttered the words “Something is wrong with me. I can’t handle this. I feel like someone had scared the living daylights out of me.”

The stress of life had catapulted me into a delirium I didn’t know existed. The inability to eat, breathe normally or face the world shattered my somewhat normal existence. It wasn’t until I sat in front of my wonderful doctor and friend, who very calmly saw me in a state of total apprehension and angst said to me,

“Oh, you are just like the rest of us; full of anxiety. No wonder. What you have been through in the last 3 months was traumatic. And it is always much harder on the family member who doesn’t live there.”

Her words resonated that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t losing my mind, but had been suddenly stricken by such an emotional shock of losing the father I love so dearly. Truthfully, she told me that almost all of her patients were suffering from devastating circumstances; more than she had ever had in all of her years of practice. As sad as it was to hear that, I was comforted in knowing my human weakness was just like the next person who is enduring the tumultuous fears of life as we now know it.

It took time to regroup, rethink, and lean on God’s love to give me strength. God showed me I needed to change my perspective from my selfishness of how this has affected me to understanding this was about dad.

In other words, I needed to shift my perspective to the back burner.

After all, it wasn’t about me.





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4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Love your perspectives and persnicketiness! 🙂

  2. I like the bottom card. I need to remember it.

    Great post as usual.

  3. this is beautiful, it is strange that you and i are on the same thoughts today, god and how awesome he is, and that we do not live on luck alone

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