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Forget ever going out to eat again.  Surfing the net was an article about the worst restaurants for labor and working conditions for 2012.  Where I live is a very limited dining experience to begin with and after reading this list, well I guess we will starve.

Cracker Barrel
Applebee’s ( and they have the best peach tea)
Outback Steakhouse
McDonalds (never get our orders correct anyway)
Dominoes Pizza
Golden Corral
Starbucks (really?)
Dunkin Donuts
Olive Garden
Papa Johns
Panera  Bread
TGIF Friday’s
Taco Bell

This is a travesty.  Aren’t we supposed to be living in the land of the free; the land of opportunity? Isn’t America a place to wallow in the French fries of grease and hamburgers made of what we called in school “mystery meat?”

Well, I can’t now. Besides the questionable ingredients in foods, the wages are poverty level and working conditions deplorable.

And they wonder why restaurant workers are being caught doing who knows what to your food? How disgusting. The thought I might be consuming food spilled on the floor, ravaged by rodents or even worse, spit on, makes me think more than twice about “the dining experience.”  There went my appetite.

Times are hard but that is no excuse for employers to make employees grovel for less than minimum wage to perform a job unfit for “Gollum.” He is just plain creepy.

Reading this article makes me want to put on my “white gloves,” fake it as a food critic and invade their kitchens. The almighty dollar has ravaged our feast time with its greed.

No wonder the work force has a tempered attitude. Who would want to spend hours a day in despicable surroundings for a few pennies? Oh and by the way, the American public is no “walk in the park” when it comes to a congenial tone to one who is behind the counter at McDonalds.

So what is an employee to do? What if you have to work and the unemployment rate is 10.7 % as it is in our area? You settle for less to pay your bills. You take what you can find. You subject yourself to unruly bosses who have no compassion or heart to invest in their employees.

What does the Bible say about employers?

Colossians 4:1 “Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven.”

Proverbs 22:16 “Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.”

God is clear employers are to treat those who labor for them well; with dignity and respect. God is also clear that we as Christians in any job should work for God first.

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

If you will work unto the Lord he will find favor for you with your employers.

God is many things including a great recruiter. Ask him to find you the job he wants you to have. He did it for us.

As far as the dining experience, maybe God is trying to tell me something I don’t want to hear which is “learn to cook.”

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16 thoughts on “No Dining Allowed

  1. Larry Burkette wrote a great book called “Business by the Book.” In it, he described a major restaurant franchiser that asked him for help. He checked over the books and noticed how they were constantly hiring and training new people (mainly young people) because of their minimum wage pay for employees. Burkett explained how this was an ungodly practice. The owner stated it was the only way to make money in the competitive industry.

    Burkett convinced them to raise their pay levels about two dollars per hour and to give college bonuses. Profits soared. The quality level of workers rose. Productivity rose. And thefts went down.

    Now, if only more restaurants would read his book and the Bible.

  2. this is an eye opener and very good. i wanted to keep reading more and more. i am going to reblog this…..

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  4. Don and I having both worked in the food service industry as teens, always try to treat our servers with respect, complimenting them and encouraging them. If we get wonderful service we tip well, and always at least the expected amount. Really wonderful service and I will brag to the manager about how blessed they are to have such a wonderful server working for them, and that they should consider giving them a promotion or raise. Our local Olive Garden is wonderful and the servers are always polite and on top of things, as they were tonight. We have been to other places where it wasn’t so and we won’t go there again. As for McDonalds, my 2nd oldest works there, and the local one knows I will go straight to corporate if it is unclean or service is terrible. I know the managers and have talked to them about how it reflects on them when it is bad. My daughter had transferred to another location and ours went downhill. They finally moved one of the managers from where my daughter is now to ours and the service and cleanliness has improved tremendously. I think this all has to do with the attitudes of those who want to be paid more while still working lazily, or not at all.

  5. I don’t care for eating out any more! The thought of spilled or spit on food combined with the cost is ghastly. Not to mention unhealthy. Great Post and an eye opener!
    God Bless You!

  6. Great article – terrible that people don’t get paid proper wages for their jobs, don’t you have laws that has set minimum pay, still I know that mini wages in US aren’t very high.
    Have never like McDonalds – don’t like Starbucks for their poor coffee and TGI Friday I haven’t been at for the last 15 years or more. Visit them a couple of time when they were new in UK.
    It’s a chain reaction.. if you’re not paid well neither do you care about the food handling. Most of the time has those big chains very good food standards and controls – I know McDonalds has extreme food handling controls and their stores are very clean back stage, been in partnership with both McDonalds and Burger King under quite a few year and very little fault was found when the audits where made.
    Then I don’t call either of those places for eating out – it’s just a snack attack. All my years in the restaurant trade .. I have learned that we should visit the restaurants restrooms before we order our food. If they are not up to scratch … don’t eat there, because that means the whole place is in the same state – all down to management.

  7. Waiters, waitresses and those behind fast food counters do well to keep doing the job they do, and as you inferred having to deal with not always ‘sunshine’ in people’s attitude toward them…I for one applaud their abilities…Diane

  8. Here’s the real reason why most restaurants don’t pay well: they don’t have to. There are always other people applying for the jobs, especially true for fast food and chain restaurants where teens and minorities without work skills flock to work. So, as long as there is a plentiful supply of workers, the restaurant industry will continue to pay low wages.

  9. Naphtali, you might be right that God has a hidden message for all. Hubby and I are starting our first garden. The tomatoes are doing awesome! But back in the days the people was to have a time of no farming for a year after seven years of farming. I believe we have got so comfortable in dining out and fast food pickup. God has a plan in everything. We are suppose to save and harvest food for hard times but we overlook this important aspect of the bible. God is concerned with how we use the resources He allows us to manage. He is judging each of us by how we deal with and treat our fellowman (I Peter 4).

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

    • Shenine, I know. Gardens are wonderful. My grandfather had a farm and we were blessed for many many years the rewards of his work. I hope your tomatoes do great!  My husband is the true gardener of vegetables…..I found out the green thumb I have is for house plants and herbs….My plants are beautiful and I feel so good watching them grow! So besides the healthy relationship God provides for us in gardening, farming, etc. there is a parallel of the amazing growth he sets for us to observe.

      I do not enjoy dining out nearly as much as I use to for the many varied reasons made known now.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

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