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June 12 was Primary day. As a registered voter I
used my privilege to voice my opinion in one poll.

Had I not been paying attention my vote may have been cast wrong.

The lonely school had a few cars out front. Once inside it was evident those cars belonged to the 7 people working in the precinct.

The Governor had posted on FB and our local newspaper to make sure we had our Registration Card and Drivers License. Expecting to be asked for both, I made sure they were readily available.

The first woman at the table sent me to the woman at the next table after reviewing my registration card.

I said “hello” and handed her my voter ID card.

After asking me my party affiliation she opened a booklet full of names listed alphabetically.
Scrolling down she found my name. Before she did anything else I asked,

“Don’t you need to see my Drivers’ License?”

“No.” was her response.

Surprised she didn’t need it, I put it away.

Her attention span was either short or she was more interested in the conversation going on next to her.
As she circled a spot on the roster of names I just happen to be watching.

“Ma’am, you circled someone else’s name. That is not my name.”

I pointed to the roster at my name.

She appeared to be confused as if I was wrong.

Fumbling with her pencil I kept my finger pointed on my name. Finally she checked my Voter ID card again to make sure I was who I am.

Erasing the wrong circle, I made sure she colored the one by my name.

Is this the face of America today? Mistake or intentional I still don’t know. I would like to think this kind  lady was a kind  lady who just made a mistake. But how many other names did she get wrong? How many other names confused her?

I had to ask myself if her hesitation to correct it was she didn’t care, was disinterested or she didn’t believe me.

Regardless of the reason for the wrong, my vote almost didn’t count.

A voter miscalculation would have been easier to accept had there been a line out the door of other dedicated suffragists.

It was just little ole’ me exercising my right as a tax paying, registered citizen.

How often did this occur yesterday?

How often has it happened in the past?

My experience voting yesterday gives a whole new meaning to the famous slogan,

“Your Vote Counts.”




Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Voter ?

  1. Oh My Stars… Your voting experience raised so many questions for me. Sadly, our elections are no longer viewed with straight forward thinking. I fear it’s become a ‘win at all costs’ mentality making me suspicious.

    Here in my area, we do ALL voting by mail. Many ballots arriving to homes where the voter has moved and then being used fraudulently. I would love to go to my neighborhood polling place again.

    We are so privileged to have the right to vote. I don’t want to abuse that.

  2. Laughing, Cathy! You won’t believe this, but I didn’t get to vote last time because they moved my name to another town after ten years. I had to fill out paperwork to fix this new found error! Who is working for the Government and do they require an education. 🙂
    God Bless You!

  3. you wonder how often it is done intentional. people will do anything anymore for a vote

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