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The Thrill of a Soured Employee


You know, the one who never returns your phone call because they have no interest in speaking to you? Yes, that one.

As it turns out, a soured employee is one you get the best of. Instead of admitting a customer just might be right the embittered agent blasts away with the almighty blame game. It is almost funny.

Give them an idea after they ask for your opinion and the result is,

“Well that won’t work.”

Then why did you ask me in the first place?

The truth is she really was interested in my ideas but due to strict company guidelines of passing the buck she left off with a steamy list of do’s and don’ts.

How dare a customer know something they don’t! What if your marketing idea is worth a shot?

Heaven would roll over if those who monopolize our lives would transfer good for bad, whatever the issue.

Having worked with the public for more years than I wanted to I did learn a few good tricks of the trade.

Most people allow companies such as the water, electric, phone or cable get away with rate increases, no changes in your contract or for my latest venture budget billing.

I must admit that if I was a rep on the other end of the line I would not want to speak to me either. I  hold no punches, give them the truth and use their mistakes to my advantage. The following are just a few tips:

  1. Keep handy any bills, account numbers, etc.
  2. Write down all the reps you speak to by name, date and time you spoke to them.
  3. Keep calling until you speak to someone who is a manager, or supervisor. Most general reps are trained to handle only quick conversations hoping you will hang up. Don’t.
  4. Be nice which is a test for me. The rep on the other end is your connection to better service and possibly price changes or reduction.
  5. Keep records of all conversations.
  6. Once you have called, called and called again with no response, write a letter.
  7. Ask for a personnel supervisor or find the President of the company’s name and address.
  8. Use the number of calls, no responses and any questionable fact or misled quote to back up your reason for action and hold them to it.
  9. Don’t give up until you get a response with a willing change. They just want you to go away and will often compromise or bargain to get rid of you.

10. If you don’t get your wish, use the Better Business Bureau, the local newspaper Opinion section to write a letter or your state’s Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

This process has worked for me over and over.

God expects us to pay our bills, but we are not to be doormats to companies who preach monopoly in the name of the almighty dollar. We are not to use God’s money to pay ahead for services not yet rendered or for those who are delinquent.

In this economy companies cannot risk a disgruntled customer, especially one who knows the facts and will pursue the truth for an answer.

Or better yet expose them for their dastardly business tactics.

Proverbs 37: 6” He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”





Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved


8 thoughts on “The Thrill of a Soured Employee

  1. My wife and you have a lot in common when it comes to working with companies. Thank God for you fireballs!

  2. very good advice. i follow some of your points when i have issues, but u have taught me other ways also to get my point to the right person. thanks for sharing this with me

  3. I like your sense of humor – and it’s good to smile and laugh

  4. I think your blog should be titled ” Facebook with a sense of humor.” smiling. Some people would be still living if they weren’t so serious, what they call professional! I did not know you couldn’t have a sense of humor and be a child of God…Boy are we in trouble! Start praying Naphtali…

    A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

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