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Flowers in Green Fields and Ocean Waves


You know God is a pretty busy guy. Have you ever thought about that?

Very busy; he has an enormous amount of work to do every day. You might say he has a lot on his plate and his plate is quite large.

Stop and think about all he is doing; not done but what he faces in our generational era.

He has to be everywhere all the time. That in itself is exhausting to me.

God feeds the hungry, gives clothes to the poor, fights wars even though he hates war, saves marriages, rescues us from ourselves and fills the sky at night with stars.

God reforms his church, protects the missionaries, redeems the strayed, thwarts natural disasters, gives aid to those affected by natural disasters and composes ocean waves.

God sends foreign aid, guards our schools, beats crime, ransoms the lost, blocks violence, sends Angels to fight the enemy of the dark and lights the sky with a crescent moon.

God speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves, he cares for the widow and orphans, provides research for medicines, educates and trains his followers, scatters his flowers in green fields.

God heals through medicine (although I am sure he would prefer to heal the easy way) supports the homeless, provides needed earthly resources and wakes us up to a beautiful sunrise.

God topples evil nations, changes the guards of politics, ends the reign of dictators, confirms the constitution, weeds out corrupt politicians and ends the day with a sunset.

Shall I go on? The list is infinite. God is in control. God knows what he is doing.

God is busy, yet his first and foremost desire is to form a lasting personal relationship with every human being.

The concept that the Almighty God, Jehovah Yahweh even considers us as his most cherished creation is difficult to grasp.

The idea the King of Kings desires to teach, guide, protect, and provide our every need is nothing but overwhelming.

The realization the Chief Shepherd of the Universe chooses to speak to us, hear our prayers, listen to our gripes and complaints, forgive us, and deals with us at all is beyond my comprehension.

He must be God. Embracing his love for us is over the top, astounding, mind-blowing and bewildering. Thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

If the Creator of the Universe takes time out of his busy life to speak to us, shouldn’t we do the same for him?





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11 thoughts on “Flowers in Green Fields and Ocean Waves

  1. This is so beautiful! To think that He loves us so much even though we are undeserving of that love is incredible. Thanks so much for the reminder. What a question too at the end. How awesome it is to be in a relationship with and fellowship with a Savior who calls us His friends

  2. Amen! God’s busy just contending with me! 🙂 Great Post!
    God bless You!

  3. that is absolutely heart touching and so beautiful!!!

  4. “…You know God is a pretty busy guy…”

    Yet, as busy as God is, He allows us to barge into His presence whenever we want or need to. He’s never too busy to give us His full attention.

  5. It is overwhelming to grasp the idea that the great Creator Lord loves us cares for us and, basically, puts up with us! Lord bless.

  6. Very well put. I’m overwhelmed that the great, awesome God of everything could love and care for us. And communicate with us! He is the only God and worthy of all our worship and praise.

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