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Feral Trauma


Today was a day I don’t look forward to. It comes but once a year, thankfully.


You would think with life as good as our cat has she wouldn’t tarnish her reputation by her agitated screaming on a trip to the Vet.

Yes, she needed shots. Yes, I knew this but she didn’t. Yes, I feel like a heel when I push her small body in the cat cage and the “wailing” begins.

The trip in the cat cage is as traumatic as the visit. A feral kitten when we found her, she has never adapted to forcefully being kept inside or placed in a position where freedom is not available 24/7. The outside world was her original home for the first year of her life so a caged 10 minute trip is cat prison to her even with my lame attempts to keep her calm. Nothing will suffice until she is out of the cat cage on her soil.

Arriving in the clinic, other pet owners wondered what I had done to this cat to make her behave like a crying toddler who just got spanked for not getting his way. Her constant wails brought one woman over to see her. She quickly realized Maxi was not interested, nor congenial.

Maxicat in Box

Finally the receptionist spoke up saying,

“That is one unhappy feline.”

Embarrassed, I said,

“Yes, she really doesn’t want to be here.”

The man next to me had 2 adorable little kittens. They looked about 6 weeks old, very quiet and still as they listened to this female lioness roar. He brought them over to look at Maxi who then let out the “wail of all wails.”  He retreated as if she was going to launch an all out attack on his precious babies.

If that wasn’t enough drama, when the Vet called us back, Maxi refused to come out. We turned the cage upside down to make her fall out on the table only she backed herself up in the top wrapping her sharp claws around the cage bars.

She continues the whining as we one by one declawed her from the cage bars and she fell out. Amazingly she sat rather peacefully while she gave the injections. Once done she actually walked in the cat cage of her own accord.

A few wails and meow’s were all she could muster on the drive home.

Once I let her out, you would never have known the melodramatic performance she had just acted out.

Her child like behavior stems much from her past. Once a feral, always a feral as it rears its head in moments of restraint but I wouldn’t want her any other way.

I believe it is the “feral feline” remaining in her that is so captivating. Her agile ability to hunt, live independently, jump 6 foot fences at her age is a remarkable means of survival. She could live in the wild again if necessary and function quite well.

She is the epitome of cat; through and through. The hard, feisty personality she possesses kept her alive as the runt of the litter. At barely 9 pounds, and 10 years old she is the loudest cat I have ever heard. God left nothing to the imagination when he gave this girl vocal chords.

She is a talker; answers questions with “meow, meow” along with a variety of facial expressions and tail movements we adore. Her funny quirks and whimsical habits keep us laughing.

God has protected this cat. She almost died twice.

I am confident God knew animals would bring the best out in us humans. A cat of her breed and upbringing was a test of convincing her what love is. Her skittish and sensitive demeanor as a feral kitten affirmed rejection and fear in her young life.

Over time, showing her unconditional love, protection and provisions, she has opened her heart and allowed us into what was a depraved world.

As a result, we have been rewarded with an entertaining, lively and priceless “Queen of the Castle.” Or as my husband says, “Her Highness.”

“In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” (Job 12:10)

Tired kitty resting in box after trip to Vet






12 thoughts on “Feral Trauma

  1. LOL! You are blessed! 🙂

  2. She’s a good looking cat. Great colors.

  3. Pretty cat! I have one of those species too. Only she’s twelve and queen of the hangar.
    God Bless You!

  4. that is a precious story. i liked the way she fought in order not come out of the box. getting back in the cage was probably fine with her, considering cage or shots. she is beautiful

  5. This was a precious story. You’re such a great person, Cathy. And the baby sounds like a real handful. I feel your pain (wink). I’ve got one of my own over here to deal with (canine).

  6. What a day you had!! She is beautiful. Pets do bring out the best in humans OR the worst at times…which is sad. So happy she found you and you found her.

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