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Castles of Dirt


Spending time at the pool this afternoon with my daughter the first thing she notices are the spiders and fire ants. Now you have to understand my 5’10” baby is a daunting coward when it comes to spiders. Screaming at the top of her lungs “oohhh there is a spider!” the size of a dot, you would think she was being attacked.

For some reason her phobia of spiders has grown to a distressing point. She and her best friend are unreasonably afraid of these small creatures. And then she pointed out the Fire Ant farm on the sidewalk; the home built over night.

These miniscule workers show up in droves undertaking an assignment humans wish for. Their toil and labor reveal a majestic, dark hill on the side of the pool.

This particular ant hill was about a foot long and maybe 4 inches wide. The torturous “fierce ant” as they call them in Spain may be small, but penetrate a deadly bite. Misery sets in as soon as they crawl up your legs. I know. About 50 of them made a meal off of my skin years ago. I have the utmost respect for the little pain makers now.

I proceeded to pour the “fire ant killer granules” on top and around their brand new home of dirt. Running out of the bedrooms, baths and kitchen, the ants scrambled to find a safe haven from their impending death. The funerals of the 100’s of dead ants should be within the next 24 hours.

Oh what can we learn from these tiny, invading pests? What good are they? Why did God make them in the first place? Don’t get me started on that trail of thought; like why did God make roaches? Mosquitoes? Or grimy, slimy snails.

After my brutal assault on their compound I researched “google” to find out if fire ants are up to any good. And they are. Unfortunately.

This plague to humans consumes large amounts of fleas, ticks, cockroaches (yea!) mosquito eggs, chinch bugs and even scorpions!

If you want aerated soil, invite the fire ants for a party. They are very effective in the control of plant eating insects and arthropods such as boll weevils and stink bugs! Whew…….

The downside of these pesky little critters is the damage to cattle and wildlife such as quail, ground nesting birds, reptile and deer. Farm equipment can also be damaged by large castles fire ants create.

So why am I discussing this annoying, disturbing army of dirt movers?

They are experts in their field. Accomplishing in a short amount of time a mound of dirt larger than a shoebox is to be recognized especially for such tiny, obnoxious varmints.

Achieving such proficiency only occurs with unity. Fire ants know how to work together unlike us humans.

there is communication gap in humans but its a...

there is communication gap in humans but its always pefect in such insects- without wires fire ants communicating with each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Proverbs 30:25 “The ants are a people not strong, yet they provide their food in the summer.”

In other words, ants have a rare work ethic. They work. No, they argue against “Occupy Wall Street.”  You won’t see them lined up with miniature signs refusing to labor or protesting the cost of dirt.

These hungry, impetuous, pawns of the ground get it done in record time by working with their fellow ants. A system spread over the lawns and landscapes of America expressing an ability to “love thy neighbor” even at work.

A fire ant’s instinct to work is inbred in their lifestyle.

We, Americans could learn from these displeasing, nasty flesh eating soldiers.

Besides the intentions to conquer certain invading pests from our yards, ants give us the incentive to be proud of our jobs understanding we can do none of it alone. Ants function in groups of hundreds or thousands in a side by side fellowship.

Fellowship. A Godly act of love the ants have perfected more than we have.

P.S. Oh, one more incentive Fire ants give us. Always wear shoes in your yard.





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16 thoughts on “Castles of Dirt

  1. Those little critters hurt. My grandaughter ran her hands through an ant hill and as a reward two bit me. 🙂
    God Bless You!

  2. I know there is always a reason for the pests in the world, insects up to humans. 🙂 My pastor used to call the human pests “sandpaper people.” Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Clever post and love your new picture on your header.

  4. do you live in florida

  5. Naphtali,

    I still remember placing my three year old daughter into the bath tub and then leaving the room to do something else. The next thing I knew, a naked screaming child went flying by me. I caught up with her, but she was too afraid to tell me what horrible monster had threatened her. I carried her into the bathroom and discovered all this had happened because of one little black ant. Who knew ants had such power?

  6. There are so many wonderful lessons we cna learn from your experience… How nature glorifiys the Lord, unrealistic fears etc. But especially what sticks in my mind is how those things that seem to be harmful to us are really created for our good. This works for a Christians especially when event he difficult, challenges we face are there for our benefit (closer wlak with Lord, growth of fiath in Lord etc etc )

    Great posting… Lord bless you Cathy.

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