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Newsbusters of Jilted Contemplation


My weekend was busy so I tried catching up on the news.


Surfing the net the following are hot topics;

Unmarried Jessica Simpson has her baby.

Jilted Dentist extracts teeth of ex-boyfriend.

The Dutch don’t want to sell marijuana to tourists.

And of course the “occupiers” took another day off.

Who could doubt the significance of the above Newsbusters?

The less significant are:

While the “occupiers” took a day off, many were standing in the un-employment lines.

One year ago, Our Navy Seals ended the life of the worst terrorist.

United States Naval Special Warfare Developmen...

United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark Zuckerburg comes up with idea to help eliminate the critical shortage of organs for patients desperately in need of life-saving transplants.

The President makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan setting in motion the end of the war.


I don’t think I missed much.  Sadly.

Reading headlines from online newspapers, venues of journalism or so-called journalism, nothing is surprising.

Not too happy with Jessica Simpson.

The jilted dentist lost her license to practice dentistry now. Ummm…I guess her ex is looking for dentures a little sooner than he thought!

And I can’t understand why the Dutch don’t want to sell marijuana to tourists? I would be offended if I went there and they labeled me a tourist.

I wonder how many “occupiers” who had a job yesterday and protested will have a job tomorrow. Did their employers give them the day off? Do they get paid anyway? If so I want a job like that. Only I want protest against capitalism, I will protest why facebook wants a timeline. Just for the record I never got it!

The Navy Seals who killed the world’s worst terrorist are heroes. Like the rest of the military who sacrifice 24/7 a life most could never live. Or the missionaries who forsake family and friends to serve God in other countries under who knows what kind of living conditions. Or the many who preach the gospel in the most dangerous places on earth.

Mark Zuckerburg….you may not know it, but God is using you.

And the President goes to Afghanistan. Did he take 2 Billion dollars they want from us with him? And if he gave them our hard-earned money what are they using it for?

He announces he is working directly with the Taliban. What? Tell me he doesn’t really believe terrorists are peace seeking thugs? We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

BTW: The President keeps telling people he’s bringing all the troops home. The AFB here keeps deploying my tenants or moving my property owners who will be deployed.

Nice news? Good news? Our mindset knows only evil as journalists continue to report the “bad and the ugly.”  The fallout of the John Edwards trial, the Ohio bridge bomb and the suicide of an NFL player shine on the covers of the front page. And the beat goes on….

And once again facebook comes to the rescue of a dying veteran who wanted his ticket refunded from “Spirit Airlines.” The despicable act has waged a boycott war of the airline in support of this kind man who can’t fly to see his daughter now due to his declining health.

Life is tough enough without a daily bashing from journalists and news media whose joint effort is to promote anguish, calamity and tribulation.

My guess is they don’t read the Bible. Ratings trump anything worthwhile to the point of exceeding the limits of drudgery and wretchedness.

1 Timothy 4: 4 “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.”

The news is categorized as the same as vile music, detestable movies and shameful TV.

So just turn it off and soak in some peace.  You know, like “Peace Brother.”   lol








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9 thoughts on “Newsbusters of Jilted Contemplation

  1. You are so right, Cathy! Have a purty day anyway. 🙂

  2. As Paul Harvey used to say, now for the rest of the story. Well that was brutal.

  3. Hi Cathy I did the same, I switched it off but surprising how many people are upset that I have …they say as well as other things …your just burying your head like an Ostrich you should be interested on what’s going on in the world, but like you Cathy I’m carful what I fill my ears with and if I’m an Ostrich which they seem to think, I would prefer sand then mud, this is reinforced as I watch them flap their own wings in alarm at what is happening sometimes in their own backyard or someone else’s because they haven’t a clue what to do to change it for the better.

    Christian Love Anne.

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