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Suffering Technology


So my technological advances here are suffering. Not me. Well, yes, but not all me.

Yes, my email was hacked. Mark Zuckerburg informed me my facebook account had been seized by culprits unknown. Laden with remembering passwords and id’s from who know whose accounts, now I faced an all out effort of coming up with new ones. This does not include our bank that depends on me every 90 days to come up with fancy passwords and id’s for 4 accounts.

Folks, this is far too much for my brain to cope with especially as I proceed to get people to Jesus, pray for the sick and spread the gospel.

Annoying interruptions of unknown devices filtering my laptop’s ability to perform as it should have plagued me for weeks.

Discovering I have missed emails, comments and messages was nastily brought to my attention. Yahoo has been so eager to mess with me their “send” department has overdone it by duplicating 2-3-4-5 times sending me the same emails.

If I could change from Yahoo I would. Our business is laced with the address on business cards and brochures. Until they run out I will try patiently to deal with this intrusion of my privacy as a security breach of those who have nothing else to do with their pathetic lives but send me “urgent” messages to my Spam box from India.

On the other hand it will make me feel a whole lot better to overload “Yahoo’s Help” with underhanded, off the wall messages as they sit in their “break room” eating Twinkiesand drinking old coffee. If I could I would “hack” their coffee making it not only old but bitter.

Box of Twinkies

Box of Twinkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s me but I think I sound a little angry here? The frustration has hit levels of trashing my laptop for a brand new IPAD but not before this one hits the pavement. In case I never told you this laptop has VISTA!  Whoever thought of Vista should be hung out to dry in the stocks and slapped with a permanent label on their forehead which says, “Technological dummy.”

But, being the steward of God’s money, and the scrimpy, prudent penny pincher that I am spending to buy a new laptop until this one is dead screams at my conscience. Maybe there is a lesson or a blog post in all of this of my incredible money management over starving my family.

Security is foremost in our minds but the supposed “hacking” into my email even after changing code words is unimproved. I have to wonder if Yahoo is badgering me because I dislike intently their “brand new yahoo!”

As it would be as soon as I had my laptop checked out, Yahoo switched my email back to the old one which I traditionally latched onto. Now why would Yahoo do such a mysterious move considering their storming aggression to change my email?

So, if I have missed anything from anyone blame Yahoo, Mark Zuckerburg or search for the Yahoo break room with the most bitterly laced coffee you can find. They are the real sinners here, criminals and felonies of cyber space.

And as I view this from a Godly, spiritual point this is simply another lame attempt from the enemy to shut me up!

SORRY! My mouth is larger than your attacks and so is my God!





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12 thoughts on “Suffering Technology

  1. Sadly, tech problems are now an accepted way of life, especially with Windows.

    • Thank you…I have all these words and issues wildly running around in my head and I just have to get them out! BTW I just read about your kitty…is he better? We have a 10 year old Calico who was feral. She is now my baby since our daughter is in college. Pets are gifts from God; I know God has to be watching ours because she is a real piece of work!

      • Hi, Dimples is basically home for comfort measures, However we are giving her therapy and a special diet. Only God knows.. 🙂 We are just enjoying her each day. Thank you for your concern. I hope little Calico lives for many years.

  2. I always wonder if I should have a different username (and password) for my online banking, my online financial portfolio investment, my email, my facebook, my twitter and the thirty other services I use. I figure a different one for each is safer….but I can’t keep up with it all. It’s just too much for someone who isn’t naturally organized.

    My digital life isn’t proving to really improve my life as much as it was implied it would be. I don’t know who implied it…me, society, me…but I do know less is usually more, and I’m getting to the point where I might start slowly backing away from the Internet. Then again, I hear Pintrest is kinda neat. And Instragram for that matter.

    Maybe I’ll start walking away tomorrow…

    • Whoa! not doing Pinterest! staying away…already too much time here…I do have a program called One Note; it is great for keeping the disorganized, organized! not that I do it that well! What is Instagram not that I am going to do it either?

      • Instagram is like Twitter, but only for photos. If that makes sense. It’s amazing how many web apps don’t seem worthwhile or sensible when you hear them described.


  3. Cathy, buy a Mac, I have had no problems compared to Window computers with my iMac. Love your post.

  4. that is one of the most feared words through out the internet, hacked. i am sorry to hear, and i hope yahoo gets it all right, and facebook? the more they fix security issues, the more we are hacked

  5. As I was reading this post I found myself laughing. Laughing because I can identify or laughing because of the way you explain it–or both, I am not sure. Thanks for the laugh and message behind it

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