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Throwing Life Jackets to Sitting Ducks

If there is one lesson I have learned well in life it is how to be alone. Use to be I always had to be around people. The approval and arena of their support seemed all important.

As I grew, circumstances placed me in the empty holes of life. Between this and that or here and there, independence became my friend even coming from a very large family.

Due to crisis, heartache and physical distance, learning the art of survival from a human standpoint wasn’t easy, but attainable. One’s strength of character, ability to manage the unmanageable and acting as if you have it all together are additions to the duration of standing alone.

The definition of being alone is “Being apart from others; solitary. Being without anyone or anything else; only. Separate.  Being without equal; unique. Without others: Without help.  Exclusively.

The process of being alone is not always welcomed. For some “aloneness” is thought of as a weakness or lack. One’s identity may get lost trying to find companionship out of desperation or a desire to be loved. Aloneness is equivalent to some as not being worthy.

How we view or perceive being alone makes all the difference in how we approach it. As with most things, being alone can be a negative or a positive. You have to decide but there are a few aids along the journey.

Discovering you have no choice may be one of the greatest incentives of the art of being alone. For instance:

After a divorce or a death you may find yourself living alone.

You go off to college and find you are only a number.

Your work environment is so large; your desk is in a maze of cubicles.

Being alone physically in some ways may be easier than standing alone mentally and emotionally or better yet spiritually.

If you are trying to follow Jesus, don’t be shocked when you find yourself in the middle of a pond like a sitting duck all by yourself. And sit you will do. Put your life jacket on before you swim to the middle of the pond; don’t wait until you are drowning to clean out the closet.

Standard universal life jacket Українська: Уні...

Standard universal life jacket Українська: Універсальний рятувальний жилет. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The life jacket being Jesus, his word and strength to help you stand on his declarations of faith to follow his will, no matter what, who, where, or why the world may be throwing you a millstone showing you the bottom of the pond.

Such times result in the persecution of being alone facing foes of deceit, betrayal and degradation.

Rival adversaries will line up with their claws of humiliation and dishonor to pummel you with discredits a mile long in an effort to debase your faith. Placing God first in your life will result in a perversion of attacks leaving you truly standing alone.

And it is in that focal point of spiritual “aloneness” God throws an extra life jacket as you hold onto his faithfulness to pull you out of the water.

Reaching the shoreline your long-awaited stance removes the heretics and Pharisees from their portals of disbelief.

For me, my walk of faith has reached a point of truly understanding what it means to hear and listen to God’s word and directions. I am far from mastering this learned lesson, but I do know this:

I would much rather be a sitting duck in the middle of a pond holding on to Jesus’ life jacket than roaming around out of the pond with heretics and Pharisees who choose to claim their ideological independence.

In general terms I could say, “I told you so,” but I won’t.





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