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Scattered Brains of Uncertainty


Dealing with the public most of my life has been well, bewildering. Honestly I don’t know how people get through a moment with their skeptical attitudes, suspicious uncertainties and scattered brains.

Growing up in a family business you could see them coming. As you run for the back door to escape their wrath, long winded conversations or their boring, ordinary lives they wish to telecast you ask if it is worth it to have them as customers.

Lately in my own Property Management business, I have run into some very ( let’s say to be nice) rigid and demanding, laborious and problematic, unyielding and burdensome people. Was that nice enough?

I could add irritating, stiff, and forget a picnic with them. Now I understand I am not perfect (my family has no problem reminding me of my faults) but at least I am trying!

At least I have ushered in my own diagnosis of mental lapses, waning memory and off the wall emotions. So what is their excuse?

My bubbling personality somehow misses the boat with some people. They are either set on being lifelessly formidable or one card short of a deck.

After an encounter with such menacing buffaloes use to be I would ask myself,
“what did I do wrong?” “Was it me?” “Was it something I said?”

Age gives you wisdom and for some added security with whom you are especially if you know Jesus. I finally learned for those who can’t find a parking space in an empty parking lot, somewhere a village is missing its idiot.

I try to be nice. I bend over backwards to accommodate others. I invite them into my home. I share. I try to give the benefit of the doubt. I understand their outlandish needs and do my best to solve them. AND WHAT DO I GET!

I get a proverbial punch in the mouth or an attack of hostility that links me to their depraved, tormented existence. To their advantage God and my husband have held me back from my violent intentions.

My aspirations to show them Christ appeared at the forefront of our meetings. My trusting heart has been to communicate where I stand which is at the feet of Jesus.

My faith position opened the door of exploitation. Their sly entrapment crept through the words not spoken and gestures of deceit as if I was moronically naïve.

My soul grieved over their spiteful undermining and needful attempt to prove the validity of their lost case.

Proving me wrong, or proving they were absolutely correct became an overriding destination in their soiled minds.

Little did they know my attachment and relationship with the “great vindicator.”

Little did they know he has taught me to sit back and wait for his army.

Little did they know their quest to throw me an injured curve would boomerang.

Little do they know I forgive them for they know not what they do.

Luke 23: 34




10 thoughts on “Scattered Brains of Uncertainty

  1. You sure put this well 🙂 I just get so tired of enabling and “loving” pure evil and the perverse, truly sadistic spirit who takes pleasure in our demise. The true soldiers of Satan need to be realized for what they are and only one who is strong and solid in Christ will be able to stand against them. The weak who enable and want to be liked by God’s enemies are seen for what they are. Even those who hate God don’t respect these ….Christians are going to need some backbone to get thru what’s coming.

  2. I’m glad I don’t have to work in that kind of environment. For the most part, pilots are happy people. Maybe they get their anxiety out in the air — whatever it is, I’m grateful!
    God Bless You!

  3. “…Growing up in a family business you could see them coming…”

    As a car salesman, I would see certain people driving up and would head for the restroom or the service department. Often, other salesmen would do the same thing and we’d hide out together until the new salesman waited on the people.

    And many times, the people we hid from were pastors. Chew on that for a couple of days.

  4. i am going through something i just don’t understand..

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