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Kreativ Blogger Award


Kreativ Blogger award…

Posted on March 30, 2012 by


A heartfelt, humble thanks to http://longingsend.com for presenting me with a Kreativ Blogger award. LongingsEnd is an inspiration blog that has touched my heart. The blog is representative of love for God through words and photos. The evidence of the close relationship to God shows on each post. You will be blessed to read it and connect with them.

And the “rules” are:

  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link to their site.
  • List 7 things about yourself that your readers might find interesting.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide their links, and let them know.

Seven things about me you probably don’t know:

  1. I do not like shellfish of any kind.
  2. Finally being able to stay at home instead of working outside of the home is one of my greatest joys.
  3. My favorite season is summer.
  4. I am allergic to bees.
  5. Yogurt and bananas are 2 of my favorite foods.
  6. I am a Christian first but my Presbyterian heritage has been traced back to the 1700’s.
  7. For 17 years I lived within a few miles of Dr. Billy Graham.  I am still a member of the church his family attends. I was privileged to hear Dr. Graham preach once in our little chapel in Montreat, NC before he became physically unable. I heard Franklin Graham preach twice and actually sat on the same pew as Ruth Graham twice.

Does Jesus have a Facebook Page nominates the following seven sites for the Kreativ Blogger award.  Please take a moment and check out their interesting and inspiring words and visuals…





       Christian Comfort & Conversation Cafe



Congrats to all of you!

13 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations! I love the new header!
    God Bless You!

  2. congratulations! what an honor

  3. Love this..thank you for the nomination !!!

  4. Thanks, Cathy. Kind words. And your #2 — is my DREAM!! And I am with you all the way on #3…I wait all year to wear my flip flops.

  5. aweee thank you so so much

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