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Sugar Coated Fences


Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) per...

Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) perching on white fence in South America. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fences are built for a reason. Fences block your view of the neighbor’s fights. Keep out intruders who want to swim in your backyard pool. Keep the dog safe from neighboring cats.

Fences are meant to keep something in or out. There is no middle ground with a fence. Anyone who can’t see the reason for a fence is either ignoring its purpose or has no respect for the fence builder.

Why do we think we can live on the fence of Jesus? Duh, we can’t. Sorry. It doesn’t work like that. You are either with Jesus or you’re not.

Truth is many Christians have decided to form their own opinions of the interpretation of the Bible. There is only one interpretation and that is God’s. Non-Christians make up their own rules or no rules at all to announce they have no accountability. Excuses. Excuses. Are there any exceptions to God’s rules? Are excuses Bible based?

Did you inspire the writings of the Bible? No. Were you around for God to ask your opinion of what he wanted to hand down to generations of lost souls? No. Do you really believe you can twist the word of God to fit into your little world of desires? No.

Americans need to get off the fence. Jesus may have forgiven the woman who was caught in adultery, but he didn’t let her off the hook. What did he say? “Woman go and sin no more.” John 11:11.

Jesus didn’t let his disciples go undisciplined. Remember when he spoke to them, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” (Matthew 8:26). Only after His rebuke did He calm the wind and waves.

If you don’t want to hear Jesus’ words of no fencing, then don’t read Matthew 23. If you have any questions or doubts about what God wants from us, the 7 woes in this chapter will answer it for you. Woe to you Pharisees or what was it he called them? Snakes and vipers? Who Jesus? Did Jesus use those words?

Fences are not meant to crawl over or dig under. Dogs dig. Intruders climb.

We can’t make up our own rules along the way. But we do and we are. Then we wonder why our lives are falling apart at both ends.

Let’s imagine for a moment Jesus riding the fence for us.

That would mean he would heal us of only part of our ills?

Only forgive certain sins and certain people?

Or grant mercy to the chosen few?

What about Jesus only providing half of what we need?

Sorry, but I don’t like those percentages. I don’t want to be one of the chosen few. Ummmm….that sounds like…….

So, let me get this straight. If we think we can give God parts of our lives, but we expect him to give us everything……I am not a mathematician but I can add and subtract some of the time and this is not adding up. I also have a calculator.

Talk about chaos.

If God gave us a guidebook do you think he meant for all of us to abide by the rules? Or just a FEW CHOSEN ONES?

If we are all making up our own rules along the pedestrian highway of our pathetic lives, who is in charge? That’s scary.

Moses didn’t write the Ten Commandments for decoration. What part of “you can do this” or “you can’t do that” didn’t you get? Rocket Science just went out the window.

The fairness and justice lies with Jesus. No excuses. No make up my own rules. No riding the fence because it feels good. And no you can’t do it because everyone else is.

Unless you want to follow them into the fire.





Beach photo by John Randolph Harrison


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20 thoughts on “Sugar Coated Fences

  1. Great description of fence sitters. 🙂

    I had a friend, (now deceased) who was a “just in case” Christian. I hope he made the decision to get off the fence and take a stand. I think he did!

    • I know what you mean Jeanne. I have quite a few. It makes me wonder if they really understand what is at stake.

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC


  2. Wow this is great. Feel like I need to preach this.

  3. (I think I accidentally commented from my other blog).
    This is great. I want to preach this.

  4. I like the caption of the person in the fire: “Can you hear Me now?”

    Good message.

  5. That keyboard of yours must be on fire Cathy…keep on sharing God’s truths!

  6. Very good post here Naphtali!
    I spoke on this several years ago while pastoring and evangelizing. If I can find my notes I might post it over on my site. 🙂

  7. When you say… “Did you inspire the writings of the Bible? No. Were you around for God to ask your opinion of what he wanted to hand down to generations of lost souls? No. Do you really believe you can twist the word of God to fit into your little world of desires? No”. You have really hit the nail on the head. Everytime we do not put HIs Word first in our lives we are not simply shunning His Word…. We are rejecting, mocking and spitting upon Him.

    Lord bless you for this wonderful posting.

  8. Naphtali, this is awesome..I love Math and I agree something is not adding up. Like I said earlier you can’t Love God and hold hands with the devil. You are either on the side of the fence with sin or with righteousness. Well said… God will make the headline news on this post. Glory to God for using you as a vessel because man has his own rule book nowadays!

    Thank God for truth…I had someone ask me, “is that all you do? I replied what are you talking about? They said all you do is blog about Jesus. I asked, “do you have anything better?”


  9. Good one! What would we do if Jesus was on the fence about us??? Excellent point.

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