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Treading Water

Lately I have noticed a change in myself. For those who don’t believe God can change you, think again.

The last few years I really discovered faith or how little I had. It had been sitting on a shelf in a box I finally opened. Covered in dust, it was time to explore the true meaning of faith. Wiping the dust off, my eyes were opened to how faithful God is and unfaithful we are.

Faith grows when you center God around your life. Faith grows when you place God first. All of a sudden you see God is bigger than all your problems when before you couldn’t find him. Faith seeps deep in your heart and soul and becomes a part of you.

Seeking God for a certain answered prayer may not show up as soon as you would like. The process produces faith incrementally but assuredly. You may feel like a turtle slowly crossing the road, but the slower pace may save the turtle’s life. Don’t knock slow beginnings.

Faith seems to be more tangible as if I can touch it. The reality of faith plugged in has altered my thinking.  I want faith to be alive and yet settle within me to the point I live it naturally.

Blogging and reading so many faith filled words from other Christian bloggers has aided in this upgrade in my spiritual cultivation. Maybe writing faith filled words filters my system shaking the doubt away. And I avoided blogging.

God kept nudging me to blog with that annoying little nudge you recognize as his.

I hate to be the one to say “I told you so” but God can certainly say that to me now.

He knew I would run into others in cyber space that would write their hearts desire for him as I have.

He knew I would make friends around the world I may never physically meet, but have a spiritual connection that overrides the physical.

God wants me to be a simple servant’s voice for him to share his gospel across the 4 corners of the earth using this technological miracle known as a laptop.

God knew best. God knew my faith would explode if I followed my heart’s intentions because the Holy Spirit lives inside of my heart.

Explaining the progression lately has to be God. The guarantee of his faithfulness has birthed a yearning for his presence to a new level. Just when you feel you have stepped up closer to his throne, another step appears. His hand reaches for mine to guide me toward the next move. As I slide my hand into his, strength extends his power for me to believe trusting him is all I need.

For those of you who do not understand faith as I did, allow God to show you how it works. I may have a long way to go, but I left in one more area of my journey of getting to know God.

One more note: the risk of jumping off the faith cliff may produce awesome results; however God doesn’t necessarily expect us all to be great swimmers to start with.

Treading water gives you time to think the process through. Either way, God is walking on the water to catch you when you feel yourself sinking. Matthew 14:22-33.




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