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Would you wait a minute please?

Waiting is not an American dream. Waiting is no fun. Waiting is dreadful.

We wait to buy food in the grocery line.

We wait for the stoplight to turn green.

We wait for the doctor.

We wait for dinner.

We wait on each other.

We wait to get out of school.

We wait for college.

We wait for the 11 o’clock service

We wait for Christmas.

We wait at the drive through for a burger and fries.

We wait on our laptops to load.

We wait to grow up.

We wait on God.

Wait! What is the last one?

We wait on God? Do we really?

If you’re like me waiting is a school of thought. Waiting is a learned activity. You would think since we wait so much we would be good at it. Ummmm….no

Waiting is not preferable for most of us. We want it and we want it now. Forget the days of slow summers, slow cars and slow people. We are moving and moving fast.

But why?

What is the hurry? Jesus didn’t rush to do anything. He waited.

The following are a few points of interest in my years of learning to wait. Now, I don’t wait well all the time; but am headed in that direction. I will admit my nature is passive which makes it easier than say a “Type A” personality like a few people I know.

Jesus teaches us to wait even when we aren’t in “learning mode.”  Once you realize the great benefits that come from waiting, life takes on a whole new meaning.

  1. Waiting is patience. And patience rewards.
  2. Waiting gives you time to gather much needed and accurate information.
  3. Waiting gives God time to do miraculous interventions in your life
  4. Waiting is never wasted time.
  5. Waiting is an open door to the truth and more truth.
  6. Waiting brings you to trust God more.
  7. Waiting makes you stronger.
  8. Waiting reveals the intentions and motives of others around you.
  9. Waiting is the enemy of the enemy. He does not want you to figure it out.

Waiting brings the favor of God into your life.

Waiting can become an art form if you will let it.

Wait to be different from everyone else.

Waiting produces good choices and decisions.

Waiting is needed to hear God clearly.

Waiting with God is the best way to learn how to wait. By that I mean find your place of solace with him. Get quiet. Empty yourself of all that hinders. Do this regularly.

If you don’t think you have the time, ask God to show you how to get the time. Read his word as you wait. Read his word as you wait.

This works. And you may as well wait because God is not in a hurry.

While you are out rushing around trying to accomplish that which he never ordained,

He is walking through his Rose Garden enjoying his roses.


Red Rose Photo by John Randolph Harrison