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Get a Heart Condition

My brain is in need of my heart.  It needs repair. Switching it off at times is not so easy. It is often my own worst enemy.

Renewing my mind has been a very long process. At least I figured out my thinking was crooked, negative and scattered. Having said that my brain is not where it used to be wherever that was, neither is it where I want it to be.

Training our minds to follow our heart or the Holy Spirit is like telling our cat to stop chasing mice. Yeah right.

God is the only reason my mind thinks at all Godly. And there are those moments certain alleged concepts seem to drop in unexpectedly.

I am always questioning God, “Is that you or me speaking?” “Or where did that brain wave come from?” That’s scary.

Many times God has spoken and I knew it was him. No doubt. He has given me a word, warnings or preparations for future events. I just love it when he does that.

Yearning for a closer relationship with him, I want to know his voice so completely I don’t miss it. Instead of kicking myself under the bus and ignoring those whispers in my ear, I am beginning to thank him even when I am uncertain. Getting it right may be trial and error but I am sure he is aware of my shortcomings.

One aspect of God I have learned about his character is I sense when he is pleased. The answer may be at the end but he is concerned about how I get there. In the middle of it all is his joy in knowing I am seeking him for the answer which brings about a closeness I have never had with anyone.

Switching your brain to think like Jesus is learned. Unfortunately we aren’t born with a natural capability to be selfless, nice and genuine. Our minds as children are swept away with greed, selfishness and all that is mine.

Children are blessed with a freedom from the world’s mess to a point. I remember as a child my fearless nature. No cares. No worries. Only “where is the fun?”

I didn’t know I needed to renew my mind when I was a child. Actually didn’t figure it out until way into adulthood!

Along the way God showed me a few thoughts as to how to go about renewing my mind. Seasons of being around purely negative souls who had no desire to think positively about anything began my search. What we hear eventually becomes what we believe.

  1. Simplify your life.
  2. Get quiet with God as often as possible.
  3. Read and study his word with him.
  4. Pray
  5. And if you think you can’t do the above ask God to show you how to simplify your life and give you the time to be with him. He did it for me.

The thinking that we are supposed to do everything, be everything, and know everything is now America. So when did we take over God’s job?

How’s that working for ya? If our country is any reflection of the “super humans” we have made ourselves out to be, it ain’t working folks.

Our heart should mesh with God’s heart. Getting it right, God begins to train our minds to follow. Easier said than done? Sure.

Impossible? No.

The enemy has our society “thinking”  busy. Busy. Busy. Anything to keep us from getting closer to Jesus in the physical realm because he knows when we really get into the word of God his days are numbered.

I can tell a difference in where my mind travels now. It is a concerted effort at times to keep it aligned with the word of God, but the more I practice and read his word it becomes a part of me little by little.

My thought processes have completely changed over the years from thinking less with my brain and more with my heart.  And that is good news for everyone who knows me.

Matthew 6:33
“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”






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