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Goliath’s Blathering Rhetoric Was no Match for a Stone


If I was not writing about Jesus, there would be no point in much of anything. nothing. zero. Get that?

Some may question my mannerisms of promoting the Gospel, but God wants you to see his humorous side. He is funny.

You ask, “how do you know he is funny?”

My answer. “I talk to him a lot!” It’s called communication. In fact I find myself in these long winded conversations driving down the road and wonder why people in the next lane are looking at me like “who is she talking to?” It’s really ok. My doctor knows all about it and she has given me medication for this sort of disorder. The name has been linked to the “Fan of Jesus” disorder.

It has only recently been discovered that many across the United States and even in other countries such as Iraq and Egypt have this disorder now. Some of the symptoms are:

You speak to Jesus 24/7
You are considered dangerous to yourself and others
Your choice of language is not always your native tongue
You carry a Weapon of Mass Destruction known as The Bible
Those without this disorder are afraid of you
Your car has a Jesus sticker on it
Some are unjustly imprisoned
You have been known to have dreams and visions
You are a Peacemaker
You are considered by some to be a Jesus Freak
You wear a Cross
You are constantly being thrown out of government run institutions
In foreign countries, Pastors and missionaries hold Bible Studies and prayer vigils in private to escape persecution
You are a lover of all things about Jesus
You have repented of all of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Yes, this disorder is spreading and spreading fast. Those in opposition have labeled Jesus fans as radical and loud. Oh, I know. John the Baptist is who they are referring to. He liked yelling, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” and ate locusts. I will and can yell quite loud, but please don’t serve me locusts. I don’t relish eating creepy crawly things or bugs that fly or hop.

The media is a bullying giant who attempts to show the worldly chaos as all negative. What they fail to understand is how much God works in turmoil and the worst case scenarios.  The media may be large, intimidating and arrogantly noisy, but so was Goliath. And we all know what happened to him.

What if Jesus Fans are showing up in the most unlikely venues? How about the protests in Egypt? or Syria? or Occupy Wall Street? the Pentagon?

Or the White House!!!!

What about on a military base in Afghanistan or Iraq? How about a Muslim school or hospital?

The unsung heroes and heroines of the Jesus Fan Club are appointees of God going as unknown missionaries around the world. Youth protesting to rid their nation of oppression from dictators who kill their own people.  The humble man or woman of God serving this country in the killing fields of war only to step on the soil of those nations to leave the footsteps of Jesus in the hearts and souls of Muslim women and children.

Do you really believe those things could happen? I do. And I believe God has been doing it.  Far fetched? Maybe.

Can it work? Anything is possible with God.

Do you believe his word can be spread through a few good men or women in the foxholes of terror? or the streets of Cairo?

The media may not be exposing the truth to the grouchy onlookers of TV news, Hollywood Icons or those who consider themselves in high places.

But then Goliath didn’t know what was about to hit him in the face either.

The Bible: More up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspaper. Grantley Morris

Copyright @ 2012 All Rights Reserved


13 thoughts on “Goliath’s Blathering Rhetoric Was no Match for a Stone

  1. Fantastic post! I agree, I agree. And yes, Jesus has a great sense of humor — I love it! Thanks, Cathy, that was great fun! and thanks for listing my site too!
    God Bless You!

  2. Excuse me Cathy but some in Australia have this disorder too, who do you think gave you the Just Kidding Award but seriously how would we express God’s gift of Laughter without humour in good jokes to share or witty stories, besides we have every right to be happy we are a Kings Kid.

    But I do believe there is a time for everything as the Scriptures tell us and when Jesus was on earth it was a sad time for Him, He knew even His disciples would walk away when He was crucified and doubt His words, He was hated and thought mad even by His own family, He was known as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief but not so today as you said Cathy communication with Him brings deep Joy and happiness, He knows our Destiny is with Him and rejoices.

    Picture me Cathy riding on my Mobility Scooter talking and singing to Jesus, even a laugh now and again when He shares a Truth that I hadn’t seen and I realise once again my worrying was pointless, Ron once said to me, I worried if I had nothing to worry about, this is not a sin but a big waste of time, God constantly reassures us that He has things under control as we Trust and depend on Him.

    So there I am at the lights, singing shout to the Lord and forgetting others are also waiting, for the lights to change, believe me even the dogs think I’m in pain when I sing but perhaps because I’m disabled, I get amused smiles from others but sadly noooo one has asked for my Autograph …your right I’m a victim! 😀

    Christian Love Anne

  3. “…You ask, “how do you know he is funny?…”

    My answer to all people who wonder whether Jesus has a good sense of humor or not is to ask them, “Who do you think created humor and laughter? Jesus or Satan?”

    The answer is obvious.

  4. God does have a wonderful sense of humor. And one finds this out by talking with Him.. really great blog, as usual, Cathy!

  5. I loved “Goliath did not know what was about to hit him in the face!” I recently went to a concert to see a lday who had been over seas to entertain the troops for the holidays. After the concert, a Muslim lady came up to her and lifeted her head coverings and said, “I know Jesus now because of a soldier who told me the truth.” God is active, God uses the stones of small David’s to hit people in the heart.

  6. Good stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

    Really love your opening!

    “If I was not writing about Jesus, there would be no point in much of anything. nothing. zero. Get that?”

    Great reminder to all of us Christians who find ourselves writing from time to time.

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