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The Genuine Blogger Award


I would like to thank my dear blogger friend Anne from www.freedomborn.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award. Anne and I have become close even tho in miles we are continents apart. God did this. There is no other way Anne and I would have made contact without God bringing us together through blogging. We both have a kindred spirit of love for God that I truly and deeply cherish. Anne has a testimony you will want to read about. She is a woman of God who has lifted me up. Her strength of character and courage is contagious as you read her posts.  Her tough love for Jesus is teaching me how to respond differently when hurt, or criticized. She is a warrior for Christ if there ever was one.  She is inspiring, caring and a great teacher of the Word of God. Believe me, she knows the Bible! I think the world would be a lot better off with a whole lot more of Anne’s around! 

The person who Created this Award has asked that no rules be included  if we present it to others, we are free to attach the Symbol for this Award or not, I have chosen to post her Link if your interested in saying Hi… Just Ramblin  http://justramblinpier.wordpress.com/genuine-blogger-info/ 

 So what are  genuine Bloggers?… To me as a Christian, it is when we believe in the Truth of what we Post or in what we say when we leave a comment.  God knows our hearts and even if we don’t get it right to start with  He  knows when  we will even before we do. He delights in those who we seek to uplift Him because He knows we will be  blessed for doing so, He created us that way and whatever we do for Him when it is genuine is valued,  appreciated and rewarded  How good is that! 

Many bloggers on WordPress fit this category. I am so please to communicate with men and women in Christ from all walks of the earth, literally! The following are a few I nominate:
YEA to all the nominees!
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11 thoughts on “The Genuine Blogger Award

  1. Thank you !!! I feel overwhelmed….
    God bless u !!
    You are really a genuine blogger !!

  2. Thank you! I’m checking out these other blogs!

  3. Thank you Cathy for your kind words you are also a very dear friend to me but what I think is special is that there are no rules with receiving this Award but you willingly choose to bless others, you are indeed a beautiful caring Sister in The Lord with much Love in your heart.

    Christian Love Anne.

  4. Thanks. I really appreciate this.

  5. Thank you Cathy, truly appreciated. Thanks for being a friend and encourager. Blessings, Freddy.

  6. Congratulations! You are most deserving of the genuine blogger award!
    God Bless You!

  7. Dear Cathy — thanks so very much for including Longings End as a Genuine Blogger. We are honored, humbled and surprised! So grateful for your kindness. God bless you and your writing…
    michael & sheila

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