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Run to God and Run Fast


Why is school prayer only allowed during tragedies?



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Published February 27, 2012

| FoxNews.com

My thought exactly. Reading this story today after the gruesome attack on yet another group of innocent students the first thing people asked for was prayer. And rightly so.

Todd Starnes article here expresses that sentiment. After the updates this morning on this story, my first thought was, “why pray now?”

Public schools or any other public domain has outlawed it.  The government is doing their best to get rid of our religious liberties.

The truth is we seek out those or the God of the Universe when we think we have no where else to go. Yet the public school system doesn’t allow the students or staff to pray.

I  find it interesting in Mr. Starnes article it was the School Superintendent who called for people to pray.I have found in my personal life those who all of a sudden are stricken with a tragic event, even with little or no contact with me prior to it find me. I am more than willing to pray for people; I spend sometimes hours alone with God doing so. The comfort for all things is in his presence.

So if that is the case, and as Todd Starnes so well wrote in his article why do we run to God when tragedy strikes? Why aren’t we running to God when it isn’t? God is there in both cases. Waiting. Yearning to hear from us.

How does that make God feel? We only pick up the phone and dial his number when we need him or want something? Don’t be surprised if the line is busy.

God isn’t a one way street companion. His love for us is infinite but he certainly prefers for us to reciprocate that love.God is a gentleman and will not force his presence on us.

Yet, we cry out to him in our time of need when we haven’t spoken to him in months.Like a child who has wandered from home. No call. No text. No email. The parents haven’t heard from them and have no idea where they are.Then out of the blue they show up at the door wanting money. What would you do? How would you feel? My first reaction might be to slap them upside the head….and scream “what do you think you are doing!”

That is not the recommended reaction but I am sure some parents would agree.As Christians we would love them just as Christ loves us. But absence can bring about consequences and so it is with God.God wants our attention because he knows what is best for us. When we take time out of our busy lives to give him attention he gives us even more.He meets us wherever we are giving us grace and mercy we simply don’t deserve.

This tragedy like many others are results of the society we have created. We kicked God out of the schools and in walked the enemy.  The downward spiral of “life without God”  has given rise to alcohol and drug abuse, homosexuality, bullying, violence, anxiety and depression issues.

Our kids are suffering. Our families are falling apart. It isn’t life as usual anymore. At least it is not at all the way it was when I grew up.

I am deeply saddened by this unnecessary tragic event.

For the families and students of Chardon High School I offer up prayers for comfort and peace. For those injured I pray for healing. For those who have lost precious ones may they gain the presence of God.

Folks, we need to pray daily for our nation, schools and land. We need God back in our society, government and homes. We need to repent. We need Jesus showing up everywhere.

We need to get back to the cross.

But the only way he is going to come back is with an invitation.
Invitation to Life

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9 thoughts on “Run to God and Run Fast

  1. Reblogged this on TRUnique News & Matters and commented:
    Something with a bit of meaning

  2. “He meets us wherever we are giving us grace and mercy we simply don’t deserve.”

    Thankfully God meets us where we are! I pray those who do not know Jesus will be drawn to him through this tragedy.

  3. No laws or jail cells can stop us from praying, only ourselves. So, keep on praying.

  4. I feel really bad for all those kids… 😦 It’s not like this here in our country. For them to go through that much during high school is such a terrible feeling. This is really, really sad. May God have mercy. 😦

  5. Cathy – Great to see you addressing this issue. Of course we grieve for the families, but as you said – where was the prayer when it might have made a difference?
    Many blessinings,

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