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‘What big teeth you have Grandma!’


Cover of "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

Cover of The Lord Is My Shepherd

The story goes about the man who was called by God to go to Africa to be a missionary. He quit his job, gathered his belongings and left.
5 years went by and very few had come to know the Lord. He couldn’t understand why so few had changed.  He had given up everything to follow God. He was distraught and didn’t know what to do. So he prayed.

“God, I am trying to follow your will for my life. I quit my job. Gave up everything to come to Africa like you told me to do, but very little progress has been made with these people. What have I done wrong Lord?”

God spoke, ” I only meant for you to be there for 3 weeks.”

His heart was in the right place. His motive was also. The problem?

He had his own agenda.

His own agenda. That’s right. Am I speaking to any of you out there besides myself?

People pursue other people, situations or circumstances for many reasons. The following are questions pertaining to motives.

My Way: The Best of Frank Sinatra

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♥Is my motive pure?

¿Is it God’s will or my desire to do it my way? (you know the Frank Sinatra song, ” I Did it My WAY!” ) wonder where that gotcha!

♠Does it line up with God’s word or the word according to me? or the crowd. or the government.

♦Is it laced with flattery? Proverbs 26:28 “A flattering mouth worketh ruin. ” Whoa. Watch out for the sugary affection.

◊Check your spirit. If there is a question of suspicion in your heart, listen. You may be taken for a ride you didn’t ask for.

Motivation often hides an agenda.

God teaches us to find the good in other people. That is hard to do with some and I won’t name your names but you know who you are.

Betrayal, getting trampled on and beat up makes it easy to question the motives of others. And you know what? The Bible teaches us to be aware of those who would take advantage of us.

1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

In other words don’t do like I have. In the past I was very long-sufferrinnggggggggg………..and there is something to be said for doing all you can do to make something work. If nothing changes, it is time to exit. Get out. Move on.

In other words again, your good intentions may attract those with wrong motives. Beware. Their sly attempts to rip you to shreds with their flattery or the opposite will drag you down. Don’t let them. Be sober. Be vigilant.

My post recently, “Changing Tunes” is in line here. Our motives can define us. They can make us or break us. Motives are running rampant in today’s culture and society.  Motives of self -absorption, greed and” it’s all about me.”

Sad to say some go to extreme lengths to keep their motivational pride no matter who they hurt or run over with their proverbial train. Get out of their way or suffer.

Our intentions should produce positive, caring relationships. Motives should connect us, not separate us.

Whatever your motive, God knows your heart. He will protect those who follow  him and his word from the throes of those who attempt to dismantle his own.

In my walk with God, in my efforts to follow his will,  I have seen a pattern of his guardianship over my life.  Acts of betrayal, jealousy, intentional hurt thrown at me from wrong motives, eventually God came to my rescue and turned them all around for my good.

Psalm 23: “The Lord is my shepherd. And I am  his sheep….

If  you aren’t careful,  he might let that wolf out who is hungry for something other than lamb for dinner.”

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4 thoughts on “‘What big teeth you have Grandma!’

  1. Nice reminder.

  2. As a believer who has walked through miles and miles of wilderness and deep valleys, I readily admit that the biggest enemy of the will of God in our lives is our own flesh and not Satan. The only thing I can say is, “Thank God for His grace.”

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