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Todays News or is it just Heartburn?


Nothing surprises me anymore.

The world is in chaos.

Obama care is now attacking Catholics? Is that smart? Maybe they should pick on a smaller group of people. The Catholics are fighting back. YEA!

I just read where couples can  go to the Netherlands to the “Divorce Hotel” and in two days walk out divorced. I wonder if they sleep in the same room?

Then there is the article on “Show your pets some love.”  What about all those divorced couples who just left the “Divorce Hotel?” Don’t they need love now more than ever? Our cat is showered with love. OH, they want you to buy your pet a Valentine gift. What about me?

Of course there is the mess now with the Susan B. Komen organization. I have never given money to them and for sure I won’t now.

English: Mostly Red Peppers

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Don’t eat hot chili peppers. They cause heartburn. What? Like I didn’t know that? Anybody with half an esophagus has felt that heat!

Starbucks announces 12 drinks on their “secret menu.” A secret menu? Recipes from customers and employees that are kept quiet. LOT OF GOOD IT DOES ME! WE DON’T HAVE A STARBUCKS!

I know we need diversions from the everyday political drama, wars and infomercials,  but woe is us.

My cat is not getting a Valentine present.

Don’t need another divorce.

Don’t like hot chili peppers so I am off that hook.

Where, how much and to whom I donate is between God and me.

The discussion of contraception being sold by Catholics is not even up for discussion. or shouldn’t be.

“Starbucks?” well, I am just mad at them. The owner must not think my town is worth their coffee. So they have lost my business! oh, that’s right. We don’t have their business.

So this is today’s news. These are issues I read on the news wire.

Does anyone care about hot chili peppers as if they didn’t know they caused heartburn? And why would a divorce couple to be want to go to a “Divorce Hotel?” Does your pet know when Valentines day is? Do you think God cares what you do with the money he gives you? Do you think the government would like to be run by the Catholic church? Do you think Starbucks cares at all what I think?

News is not always news. Some issues are reasonable, some are useless pieces of information, others are necessary. Some are the result of a Godless society.

The days of “That’s the way it is” by Walter Cronkite are over. Days of unbiased, respectful news are long gone.

English: Walter Cronkite takes the helm of Con...

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The political divide has taken over; and I for one want to see a different kind of news with a different kind of country.

The prognosticators speak as if they are God.  The media tell you what they want you to believe. You know the saying,

“What you hear most is what you will believe.”

If you aren’t careful, listening to the wrong things will take over your life. It is brainwashing. Manipulation.  Mind control.

Soaking your brain in a daily dose of the news can alter your thinking.

News is not the only limitation here. Entertainment, books, movies, tv are not excluded from mind control.

This is why we need to clothe ourselves with God’s word. The Bible is the truth. It sets us free.

The good news is the saying, “what you hear most is what you believe” can also be true of God’s word.

Instead of drenching yourselves in less than helpful news, or useless TV or movies, or music laced with vulgarities, why not read the Bible?

You will see the world differently. You will see yourself differently.

You might even get your pet a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Or better yet, you might get a call from Starbucks telling you they are coming to your town.

English: Starbucks at West Coast Plaza, Singapore

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4 thoughts on “Todays News or is it just Heartburn?

  1. “…The days of “That’s the way it is” by Walter Cronkite are over. Days of unbiased, respectful news are long gone…”

    Somehow, we have this idea that the news media (especially newspapers) once upon a time in the past was unbiased, but that is not true. It has always been biased. Newspapers have always backed one political party or agenda throughout America’s history.

    If you ever get a chance, check out the headlines in President Lincoln’s day. They were horrific and many of them were outright lies.

    It’s just that today we have alternative media which allows us to check out the different medias and we’ve learned they lie…like they always have and probably will continue to do. All under the guise of bettering our lives.

    Plus, check out America’s Most Trusted Man of his day: Walter Cronkite. He sometimes lied to get his agenda across.

  2. I cannot watch the news because I want to smash the television. Movies are completely off the rocker ridiculous. I keep hearing from the writing world that fiction must be more believable than reality — whoever is writing the movies didn’t get that memo. 🙂
    Great Post, Cathy. Enjoyed!
    God Bless You!

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