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If You’re Looking for the Pot of Gold it ain’t at the end of the Rainbow


English: Pot of Gold Rainbow over Hazelgrove Farm

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Oh, looking for the pot of gold. I was disillusioned as a kid when I tried to find the rainbow much less the end of it.

Legend has it, the Leprechauns  make lots of shoes. Once they sell them they keep the coins hidden away in a big pot.  As the Leprechauns themselves are Irish folklore, so is the pot of gold.
How many of us have one sitting around?
What constitutes our pot of gold?

The child who fills their “piggy bank” with a few coins. The Lock Box at the bank with who knows what in it.

James Bond found his behind the safe in the wall; only it was not filled with coins. It was an Encoder along with a few other unsightly items.

Many buy Lottery tickets thinking they might win millions of dollars. Others enter contest after contest hoping for that free trip to the Bahamas.

Back in the Old West, men would travel afar to reach California for the mighty “gold rush.” Glad I didn’t have to do that. Riding in a wagon train, sleeping on the ground and drinking cold coffee out of dirty cups.  Nope. Not for me. I’ll take my warm bed and hot coffee over that life any day.

A pot of gold can mean a lot of different things to different people.

A new job. A new boyfriend. A new car. That 2nd trip to the Bahamas. A new house. An old house. A meal. A shelter for the homeless. Shoes when you haven’t had any. An award. A nice hot shower. A miracle of healing. You favorite team winning the Super Bowl. (not this year.) Money to buy your next meal from an anonymous donor. Saving the children. Sponsoring missionaries to go overseas to spread God‘s word and offer hope. Giving your last dollar to the Salvation Army so they can give it to the poor. Receiving an unexpected gift. Listening to a child you don’t know who just wants to be heard.

Whatever we value the most can become our pot of gold. It is a matter of priority; or choice. Sometimes your life  is smacked out from underneath you and it is neither priority or choice, but becomes a “pot of gold of survival.” It feels like a bad joke; someone pulls the chair out from underneath you. As you hit the floor you realize getting up by yourself is not an option. You survival kit is no where to be found.

All of a sudden, you have nothing left. You are alone, without.  Whatever you had in the pot is not getting you through the day. It is not supplying your every need or any need for that matter. You realize the pot was something you were holding on for dear life that wasn’t even there.  “Linus’s” security blanket  might be good for keeping you warm, but it won’t put food on the table.

Falling flat on our face is an indication we are not self sufficient even though we spend most of our life trying to prove we are. And for some of us it just might be the best thing that ever happened to us. Why?

Like the pot of gold;  we can’t see the bottom of it unless it’s  empty. Underneath the dirt, filth and trash is the golden nugget we are looking for.

So empty your pot.  Get rid of the trash and filth. Clean out the dirt so it can shine!

Once you have emptied it, let God begin filling it up.
Little by little, God will add love, gifts, prosperity, health, joy, peace, contentment, wisdom, knowledge, abundance of all he wants us to have.

On top he will pour the Holy Spirit to mix all these good ingredients together. He will take the pot to the cross of Jesus and sit it at his loving feet.

It is there my dear friends, you will find your “pot of gold.”

Photo of Cross by John Randolph Harrison

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5 thoughts on “If You’re Looking for the Pot of Gold it ain’t at the end of the Rainbow

  1. “…All of a sudden, you have nothing left…”

    I met Jesus at one of those points in my life. Now, He’s my all.

  2. Yes, Jesus is my ultimate treasure!

  3. Very true. The riches of this world will leave you empty and wanting more. Jesus is the gift that completely satisfies!

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