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Lions, Whales and a Staff! OH NO!


There is nothing dull about the Bible.  In fact, if you have read it you know it is God speaking to his people with Words of wisdom and knowledge.  But you will also find it is not lacking for great entertainment, movies or scandals. The Bible is a reflection of us; you know us. We the people of God with all of our
issues like disobedience, stubborness and selfishness which often makes for a good story. Only these are all true.  Like the following:

English: Baby Moses rescued from the Nile

Image via Wikipedia

Moses was found in a creek ( the Nile) by the Pharoah’s daughter. He was floating downstream in a basket. Really? Who puts a child in a basket and lets him float down stream so the richest man in the kingdom’s daughter can find him? God.

No one knew he would grow up to be  the “Deliverer.” Even Moses didn’t know it. God used his “staff” to perform many miracles like, tapping a rock for water, turning water into blood, and parting the Red Sea.  I wonder what ever happened to his staff. I could sure use it about now.

Who can forget the story of David and Goliath?

David and Goliath

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David was a young sheep herder with little or no fighting skills, or so everyone thought.
Goliath was a giant literally. A Philistine who for 40 days taunted the Israelites with his so-called strength and big mouth.
That’s what I said. A big mouth.
You know; the kind who spews violent threats showing off his muscles like he has just entered the “Mr. World” competition?

Once David convinced King Saul to allow him to fight the Philistine, he refused to wear the armor. David had other plans and so did God.
You see God had already equipped David to do the job. David’s slingshot and a rock may have been his weapons of choice.  His faith in God gave him the strength and courage to knock the giant dead even if it was the craziest stunt ever.

English: Daniel in the Lion's den visited by a...

Image via Wikipedia

If you read my blog you know I am a cat lover. Small cats. Not the kind with a mane, huge white teeth that weighs 400 pounds.
Hence the story of Daniel in the Lions Den.
Daniel prayed a lot but the King’s servants didn’t like him so they conspired against him by getting the King to pass a law that no one could pray to anyone but him. Daniel didn’t listen and kept praying to the great God Almighty.

The servants were basically tattle tales; they saw Daniel praying to God and ran and told the King. What? Were they like 5 years old?

The king honored the law but it made him sad to have to throw Daniel into the lion’s den because he liked him.

Daniels faith had to be stronger than most but getting thrown into a den of roaring lions probably wasn’t his idea of a fun trip to the zoo. God sent an angel to close the mouth’s of the lions to protect Daniel.

The servants? Let’s just say they probably wish they hadn’t woken up that day.

Of course there were Godly women who took mighty risks of faith like Esther. You know the Jewish girl who became Queen after Vashti disobeyed the King?  Well,  he divorced her and went looking  for another woman.  Sounds just like a man. Is this a Hollywood story?

Anyway, once Esther became Queen she saved the King from a plot against him. As a result the King gave Esther her wish of saving the Jewish people.

One of my favorite Bible stories is Jonah and the whale, fish or whatever it was.
Talk about running? that was Jonah. Or me. Or a few other people I know.
God sent him to Nineveh to warn the people of their evil ways.
Jonah really didn’t want to go because the people there were enemies.

He thought he could go some place where God wouldn’t be able to find him! Ha! Can you believe a grown man, a prophet of God would even think such a thought?  So glad I never tried running away from God. Oh yea, that’s right I did. I got about as far as Jonah did, only I didn’t land in a whale.

So he found a ship that was headed the opposite direction of Nineveh and booked himself a seat in the VIP section.

Yep, he was going to sail the seas in top-notch fashion. Find a nice, cozy spot and take himself a nap. Only his nap didn’t last very long.
Before he knew it God threw him in a whale. A whale? He stayed for 3 days in the stomach of this big fish. ugh.
Can you imagine what all was in there?
Who knows what  that whale had for dinner. or what was leftover from the day before. The stench. The smell. Bones. Organs. Body parts.

Ya’ think that might get a man’s attention?

These stories are about real people, who had real battles and problems just like we do. But God brought them out of their simple lives into lives of following God at all costs.
These very people later became a Deliverer, a King, a great man of prayer, a Queen and a Prophet.
Do you think God has a modern-day Deliverer, King, a great man of prayer, a Queen and a Prophet waiting in the wings?
I do. It just might be you.

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7 thoughts on “Lions, Whales and a Staff! OH NO!

  1. Great post, Cathy! Enjoyed!
    God Bless You!

  2. Hi Cathy you have certainly given me a few laughs since I have been following your Blog, this is one of the best messages relating to the people in the Bible I have ever read, you have a good balance with your focus on the Lord and your understanding of the facets of peoples natures, you are indeed a special Godly woman.

    Just to let you know that this week I’m posting the rest of my Awards, I have already posted the Candle Lighting Award thank you for this, but even after I have posted them I can still add your name if wanted. I thought instead of nominating just the people I chose I would give others a chance to choose the Awards they may want so I have left places in the ones that are limited or when you can only receive once … just leave your name or a comment on anyone’s you want or just read and enjoy them . Some of the Awards have rules, some don’t, there is even a fun one which I have nominated you for 😀 thank you for being you, as I said that is special with your caring heart which is very evident to many.

    Christian Love Anne.

  3. “…I do. It just might be you…”

    Or it could be you.

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