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Falling Off A Cliff Backwards


Do you ever feel like this picture? Ever wonder how life got that way?

Do you think about the journey ahead from the trail you left behind?

As you get closer to the cliff, dirt begins to fall before we do. That is when the cliff gets too close for comfort. What is worse is if you are heading there backwards. I think that might be a good place to stop. Don’t you? OH, it is like a signal; a sign; a moment of truth.

As my dad has always said, “when you play with fire, eventually you will get burned.”

The same happens with a cliff. The closer you get the more likely you will fall off. And if you are heading that way backwards you can’t see the end of the cliff. Whoa.  Is that 2 signs or signals?  I remember some cliffs I almost fell off of.  I am thinking right now “what in the world was I not thinking?”

Cliffs are like finding “the end of the rope” or “you’ve come to the end of the road.” That poor old goat had no idea where he was headed. But he is a goat. Not that the end result there isn’t the same, but at least he has an excuse for getting there.

The truth is we have no excuse. God gave us brains to figure this out. Well, most of us. The truth is we rebel. Truth. Truth. Truth.

Why do we rebel? Did the goat rebel? How did he get there backwards?

We rebel because we think we know better than God. What? No. Would we do that?

Yes we would and present company included.

The definition of rebel is: To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority.  To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention. To feel or express strong unwillingness or repugnance.

I do not recommend rebelling against God. I tried it and it simply doesn’t work.  Thankfully he showed me how to put both oars in the water instead of  one before it sank. OK! I hear those snide remarks! Don’t make me come looking for u!

Actually, falling off the cliff is like rebelling. And for some of us we get right to the edge before we allow our broken or hardened hearts to see the rope God is throwing us. He was throwing the rope all along; we were too stubborn and full of pride to reach for it.  It doesn’t take “Rocket Science” or the brain of a genius to let go of pride. It has nothing to do with  intelligence or smarts or even the lack of it. It is a will or a choice one has to make of their own accord.

For those who refuse to let go of their pride but are headed for the cliff, wise up. Humble yourself. Let go of your stubbornness. Realize what is at stake which is your life.

If you don’t get hold of God, surrender to Jesus Christ as your Savior, you might end up like this goat; only you won’t be falling into Heaven.

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6 thoughts on “Falling Off A Cliff Backwards

  1. I like this post. I feel the same, though I’m not more sure whether the road I take is right or not, or if I am already rebelling or not.

  2. First, thanks for liking my latest poetry post “I Stand” (http://akasoulbird.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/i-stand/).

    Second, Wow! what a powerful post on rebellion. I’ve been there too, and I agree, it’s not a good idea to do so. It only takes you that much longer to get back on track.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Thank you dear Cathy for this post and yes it was hard hitting but needed, it brought back memories of my rebellion and almost suicide, I would like to share this with you but it has a lot of wordage I hope that is ok for some reason I feel lead to.

    With me it was the horror of gambling, which was very much part of my flesh Nature and had been for a long time before I started seeking The Lord, they say the gambling addiction leads to either insanity or suicide. Satan had a strong foothold and so I went from one sin to the next, yes I tried group therapy G.A and for 3 years it worked, I didn’t gamble but I was still sinning and then I was gambling again and could not stop although I tried everything I thought would help, I finally decided after causing so much heartache to God, my husband, and myself and others that I was worthless and not even God could forgive me. I believe this was also because of having had a great deal of abuse and rejection in my life and because I did not understand the true Nature of God, having been deceived I believe He caused suffering and hardship, but I have no doubts now that He is Love 100% even in His justice.

    I hated what I had become and so I decided to throw myself under a Truck but for some reason even though I was in great anguish and very ill, I thought what if the Driver swerves to miss me and kills someone else, yes I was willing to die but I was not prepared to let anyone be hurt because of my evilness and so I went back to my Hospital room and found a Gideon’s Bible in the draw and I cried out to God to please help me and the Scripture that was in front of me said… The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availed much. I remembered a very caring Elder who had been in a Church I went to and I phoned him.

    Although shocked and distressed by my fallen state, this Elder Lovingly lead me to real heart repentance, anointing me with oil, and that was when my real walk with the Lord began 14 years ago although my Journey with limited heart understanding had begun from the age of 8, which was 52 years ago.

    I have never gambled since I was anointed and delivered but I was tempted once, I asked Jesus to help me and I had the victory over the Temptation. Within a very short time of my anointing I was Miraculously healed of two life threatening Illnesses which are Medically documented although Doctors have no explanation how they suddenly disappeared and there have been a few other healings over the years as well, and a few signs and wonders witnessed by those close to me and not possible to be done or explained by man, so are not counterfeit . I am not Pentecostal and they were something I did not seek for, although Christians were praying for me …. do I think I’m more worthy then others, no in many ways I have sinned greater then anyone I know personally but I believe The Lord knows what we can handle and gives us the strength to endure and He knows what we need.

    I am still disabled with a condition I was born with thankfully it has progressed slowly but I’m content in knowing I’m being upheld. With every part of me I do not want to hurt my Lord or anyone else again in anyway, I Love God so much and I know this is only a fraction of how much He Loves me and I have deep Joy in my heart even if I’m not always happy clappy and so at times I also have a tear in my eye, but I know without a doubt my Spiritual Husband Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour will never forsake or abandon me as others have done…. I wash His feet daily and anoint them with perfume, not because I have sinned greatly over the years and I’m trying to make amends but just to bring Him Joy.

    Where am I now… Philippians 3:12-14 but I press forward and will one day like Paul and many others be able to say 2 Timothy 4:7-8

    Thanks for letting me share Cathy – Christian Love Anne.

  4. Love the picture and your application of it to our lives. Well done. I will have to share this!

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