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I Accept


All my life I have been short.  Now I realize this may not apply to many of you who as adults or even older teens are somewhere over 5’1 inches tall. For the most part I have never liked being short. The following are a few reasons why.

1. Group pictures. You will always find short people on the front row.
2. Reaching the 2nd row of cabinets in kitchens or some bath or laundry areas are bad enough. Forget the 3rd floor.
3. You can never see over a crowd unless you are right up front.
4. In church for instance, no matter where you sit unless it is the front row, the tallest person around will find the seat right in front of you.
5. The ridicule is endless.
6. Finding pants to fit my short legs is virtually impossible these days unless they are in the Petite department and then they cost a fortune. I have never understood how they can charge more for less material.
7. Others with long legs should stay out of my car. They move the seat so far back and fail to move it back where I need it.  Don’t drive my car. It is too small for tall people.

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8. Randy Newman‘s song “Short People” is the worst song ever recorded.  It became a hit during my college days; many thought it was funny to sing it to me over and over. I did not think it was funny.
9. I never made the basketball team. In fact, no one ever asked me to play basketball.
10. Short people are asked to look under furniture to find things. It is assumed we are closer to the floor therefore we should be subjected to the vermin under the couch?

You are probably wondering why I have brought this to your attention not that you really care but I need to express my heartfelt feelings about this. This is my blog so I can do that.

God created me. Oh, you already knew that.  He created me the way I am physically which was small.  But growing up, the ridicule was constant. Short jokes, small jokes. In college my nick name was “little bit.” I often wondered why God made me smaller than most of my classmates. He knew they would make fun of me. He knew the perils I would suffer through out my life as a result of the rejection of not making the WNBA.

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Recently I thought I heard that little whisper behind my ear saying, “Accept the way you are. ” I started thinking about that. I have rejected God’s creation of me. I have complained about the many times I have to get a stool to reach the casserole dish off the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets.

I really complained when I had to squeeze the stool into my closet when I couldn’t find enough floor to sit it on. The door got in the way. The maneuvering between moving the stool to fit with the door became an all out war. By that time, I forgot what I was doing in there.

God reminded me had I been taller I would not be what he created me to be.  I wish he had told me that when I was 13. The only person shorter than me in the entire grade was a dwarf.

Now many years later and older I understand why God made me short. It doesn’t matter. That’s why.

I don’t have to be taller for God to love me more. I don’t have to be taller for God to use me. I don’ t have to be taller to pray or read the Bible. I don’t have to be taller. Period. I accept.

Isaiah 46:4 Even to your old age and gray hairs
   I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
   I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

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11 thoughts on “I Accept

  1. Tradition states that Paul the apostle was 4’6″ tall. His stature may not have been impressive, but no man has ever had his words studied and remembered like his words were.

  2. I always struggled because I was sandwiched between a beautiful sister and a sister with exceptionally long hair who were always complimented. I am very fair, and I do not burn in the sun. I can spend all day in the sun and just get a light pink on my nose while others are lobster red. I have had people ask me “Why are you so pale? Don’t you ever go out in the sun.” Duh. One day years ago I was at a function and saw the back of a little kid and thought, “Wow, what an ADORABLE kid.” Then he turned around and his face was horribly deformed–maybe from a fire? I was filled with compassion and deeply convicted because that little boy would have been GRATEFUL to look like me. That really shut up my complaints. The thing is that we truly have been made as we are, and who are we to say to the Potter, “Why have You made me like this?”

    I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I always thought small people were adorable! and wanted to be closer to their size. I’m almost 5’6″. You Rock!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have gone through the same ridicule my whole life and still do and I’m married to a tall man 5’10 and at our wedding my head rested right in the middle of his heart when we did our first dance.
    I’m glad you brought this up because when I complain to people about how much I detest going to the groceries and have to ask people if they can get something for me on the top shelf, it is embarrassing not to mention the the snicker they make as they assist you.
    Thank you for this posting it feels so good that I’m not alone I am 5′ tall, so trust me I hear you my sister. Love and much blessings to you!

  5. Thank goodness there is so much more to who we are than how we look! And thank God for knowing just how to create us for hos good pleasure! Thanks for making me smile!

  6. That verse hit me between the eyes since I’m going on 67 and facing a major life change.

    Thank you for it.

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