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And My Husband Said….


College classes are back in full swing. The beginning of January and August my husband abandons me. His job in College Management requires 12-14 hour days filled with griping students, worn out employees and textbooks everywhere. Managing 4 departments and Supervisor over the bookstore, he is a needed man.

He is very good at what he does but once this time period winds down he is ready for a break.

I opened the door and said to him,

“It is raining.”

He replied, “I hope it doesn’t rain on Friday.”

I asked, “Why?”

“Because I want to go kill something!”

I said “You want to go kill something? What?”

He replied, “Anything that gets in front of my gun.”

Mark is a hunter. Deer season is over here so I know he won’t be bringing home dead deer meat. ugh.

I didn’t want to know what he wants to hunt so I didn’t ask.

I am not an advocate of hunting, but he enjoys it with his buddies. For the life of me I can’t understand the thrill of sitting in a stand hour upon hour waiting for that poor innocent animal to come along and lose his life.

For Mark, this is stress relief. He needs it and I guess he could be doing something worse. Not sure what but it is his life.

This blog post is dedicated to  him.

If you have read my blogs you would know my family is very important to me. I want to tell you about this man God brought into my life.

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Dave Meyer, Joyce Meyer‘s husband reminds me of Mark. From what Joyce has told the world about him over the years, Dave and Mark have a lot in common.

Joyce and I are a lot alike; only thankfully I was never abused. I relate to her so much because we have a lot in common.

The following are some characteristics of Mark and me.

Mark is stable, I am not.
Mark is emotionless, I am overly emotional.
Mark is traditional, I am contemporary.
Mark is aggressive, I am passive.
Mark is a risk taker, I am not.
Mark is not a communicator, I communicate more. ok a lot. (don’t say anything)
Mark rarely worries, worry is my middle name.
Mark is specific, I am general.
Mark is non-compassionate, I cry thinking of the deer he might shoot.
Mark is short on mercy, I would give mercy to a criminal.
Mark is tough, I am a peacemaker.
Mark is short on suffering, I am too long on suffering.
Mark is extremely logical, I am logical.
Mark is scatter brained, I am sensible.
Mark is a spender, I am squeaky tight.
Mark is impatient, I am more patient.

You are probably wondering how can two people so different be married and happy? Well, we are. God is and has shown us to use our differences to aid the other person. If we were both like me, Mark says nothing would ever get done. If we were both like him, one of us would be dead!

So now I want to elaborate on his qualities that I need.

He is extremely dependable, reliable, hard working, dedicated, faithful, full of integrity and keeps his word more than anyone I know. I must interject here on my behalf that I use to be the most dependable, hard working dedicated, person in the world, but life has thrown some baseballs at me that never hit Mark.

My 40’s began with terrible female troubles that have led to sicknesses like I have had this week. To some extent I feel excused but Mark is the epitome of stability in ways I wish I was. I have tried to figure it out, but he just is. He takes life as it comes; he is set in the moment and yet plans for the future in a manner of “this is what has to be done” and he does it.

One of my goals is to learn from his stability. He is to be commended for his impeccability to keep his word which is almost extinct these days.

More than all of this is I know he loves me unconditionally even if I am a one short visit from the “funny farm!’

Funny Farm (film)

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7 thoughts on “And My Husband Said….

  1. Very entertaining! We live in an area where every deer harvested is a deer that doesn’t fly through the windshield of someone’s car. So weep no more for Bambi, he won’t know your husband shot him. 🙂

  2. I like Mark. Tell him to shoot something, okay?

  3. You and your husband sound like a very good team.

  4. Similar picture in our house. God certainly picked you and your husband out for each other–funny how well He does that, isn’t it?

    Hope you feel better soon–

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