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♦God is so good. Reading a fellow blogger’s post last night I was enlightened by her view of how God shows up in everything. She used the case of how atheist/agnostics rationalize God’s creation, appearances or what one may conceive as a coincidence. Her words resonated within my soul.

Use to be for me I didn’t recognize God’s hand in my life and I was a Christian. The more time I have spent with God the more I see him in everything.  What a major difference that has made with me.

There are no coincidences. Or chances. Or luck. It has become a real pet peeve for me to hear people say, “oh, it was just luck.” UMMMMM, excuse me! NO it wasn’t!  Sometimes I think people are about as sharp as a marble. I wonder where they were when God gave out brains.

That last sentence I wrote brings me to this point. Those who claim to be atheists/agnostics are loud with their accusations of “there is no God” or “God had nothing to do with it.” Now I am aware many who live with the notion of “no God” are very intelligent. But listen to yourselves! Do you know how you sound to the rest of us? The veil is covering your sight.

Here is an example of how God works in my life. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have learned to pray about everything……This is a result of years of bad choices and decisions I made without consulting the Almighty. Sometimes I ask God if I am bothering him too much because I have a 24/7 conversation going on with multiple prayer requests, daily crisis or minute decisions like our carpet. I must admit my guilt here as I know God has a lot on his plate. Why would he even care about my carpet?

God cares about me and every detail of my life, that is why. I really love him for that.

Our carpet was cheap to start with. Whoever installed it did a lousy job. Had I been here things would have been different!  lol!

Debating spending wads of money on new carpet struck my penny-pinching lifestyle with such grief I prayed diligently about it.  Oh how I wanted new carpet, but there was a hesitation. God knew better. What is almost frightening is God even knows how miserly I am! So what did he do? He arranged for me to call the man who cleans carpet for my rental houses to give me a better deal on cleaning all the carpet that I could ever have imagined!

After cleaning it yesterday and not even thinking about this at all prior to today, I woke up this morning with the thought, “I am going to go buy a large area rug to cover the high traffic areas in the den.” Now where did that come from? Yo, brother atheist tell me?

Do you know what God did? He gave me that thought because the blue 8 X 12 square bounded carpet remnant was waiting for me at Lowe’s this morning.  It was the perfect color, size and shape to fit our den. The price was very reasonable.  And wouldn’t you know it was the only one like it.

I can hear you skeptics laughing and saying, “lady, you are crazy.” Fine. You go find your own carpet then.

This was no coincidence. Or luck. Or by chance. I’m sticking with God.

4 thoughts on “Blue Remnant Theology

  1. My human says you are so right!

  2. Wow. That is true. God sticks with us even when it doesn’t seem to be Him at all, or like the people around you say “it’s just luck”. God bless you, and God is with you!

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