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“Houston, we have a problem.” I’m stuck in Cyberspace.”


This blogging thing is becoming a problem. Facebook, email and google too. My laptop may as well be attached to me. I can’t seem to get away from it. Everywhere I go I am thinking about how soon my small fingers will hit the keyboard again.

The desk top computer I had wasn’t so interfering. It remained on the desk. Blogging, writing articles and facebook had not invaded my existence then. My back always hurt after sitting there for a while so the incentive to get up was prevalent. Not so now. The couch is much more comfortable.

What is worse is I feel like hiding it from my husband. He is not a computer person (except at his job) so he views this obsession I have as a deterrent from him. He is not jealous of this rather strange piece of technology but  my efforts to spend hours a day with my eyes glued to the screen are foreign to him.

His idea of accomplishment is different from mine. Not wrong, just different. He is a magnificent hands on person. Me. Not so much. My hands on  accomplishments range from making sure the cat has food and water to checking the mail.

This time of year he works 12-14 hour days due to classes getting ready to start so I am not worried he might punish me by hiding it.

Now I am justified in using it when it aids in our Property Management work. I do most of my communication, paperwork and advertising through the internet or various programs. It is not my fault it just happens to be on this laptop. Or someone’s laptop. An available computer if necessary.

Somehow once I am finished with the work, my laptop manages to start surfing the web, checking facebook or email all on its own. I have tried to explain this to my husband. After all he bought it for me. He had no idea it was blessed with supernatural abilities. Therefore I feel it necessary to oblige those abilities as often as possible. Who knows; maybe God will use this screen to write me a note just like he wrote on the wall.  I am once again justified.

As I said, Google comes in handy for recipes, celebrity bios, how to find your local tattoo parlor and of course the TV schedule. Daily necessities.

Online banking, refilling prescriptions and making sure Verizon hasn’t added any more fees to my account are more reasons to have my laptop running.

But then it is really important for local news and gossip, Occupy Wall Street, and political spats in Washington. I may as well not get up if I can’t read about the latest hairdo’s for the stars or that Martha Stewart‘s show has been cancelled on Hallmark Channel. I don’t watch her anyway so I won’t miss her.

As I write my justifications or rationalizations for my inherent abuse of blogging, writing or the simple satisfaction of knowing what is going on in the world every minute, I am reminded of Colossians 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

In other words we are to maintain balance like Jesus did. He never rushed. He was patient. He was always giving. He is our example in this fast paced, get it done right now culture. We need to get our priorities in order. When one area of our lives is loaded, another area will suffer. Seek God for balance. You will find your needs met without having to overburden yourselves as he says in Matthew 6: 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.   

Personally, I know this works. After years of trying to do it all, I was forced to quit. Through much prayer and time alone with God he has shown me I was not created to be everything and everyone to everybody. I now work for him.

So if I spend too much time on my laptop who is going to empty the trash? Who is going to do the laundry? Who is going to clean the toilets? Am I making my self clear here?

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19 thoughts on ““Houston, we have a problem.” I’m stuck in Cyberspace.”

  1. Welcome to the dark side. My wife accepts the fact that blogging is the number 1 priority in the world for me. More important than her. The kids. Everything. Without blogging who would I be? Just some guy with a job. But with blogging I’m some guy with a job AND a blog…sounds soooo much more exciting.

    • So glad I am not alone in this journey of words. I admit my obsession, even have withdrawal if away from my keyboard for too long. God gave me a mouth and the typing fingers to go with it so I shall blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I can so relate Cathy 🙂 That’s why I can never post everyday – I’m stopping myself to. Because the moment I will try it, I’m afraid I can spend all the time lurking in the net and not be able to attend to my schedules in the house, especially to God. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, this is such a great post and reminder! 🙂

  3. Blogging and Facebook offer something most other writing venues do not: instant reactions from readers. This is quite satisfying for us lonely bloggers.

    But like you said, “Seek first the kingdom…”

    • Larry, I believe God meant it all for good. Of course the enemy stepped in; but we have a choice. I once heard Dr. Graham say that God created TV, computers, etc because there are certain areas of the world that man cannot reach by foot. Go figure.

      For 17 years I lived right down the street from Dr. Graham and his family. They are very private but I always enjoyed seeing them in church. Once, about 12 years ago Ruth came strolling in the church in her wheelchair. I was sitting by myself on a pew. She rolled and sat in her wheelchair at the end of my pew. We said hello to each other. During the sermon she would look over at me and smile. I admired her greatly.

      I would post this but to protect their privacy which the people in their little town of Montreat, NC do, I will just tell you. I worked for 12 of those 17 years in the Chamber of Commerce there. What was so funny or not, were people would come from all over the country just to see the Graham’s. They would come in the door asking how to get to their house.

      Sadly, many would almost get irate when you would tell them “you can’t go see the Graham’s. Their house is gated in, and guarded 24/7.” Replies were, “what? I drove all the way from Florida to see them? We would tell them no you can’t. They would still ask for their street address; their house is on top of a mountain; I lived there and never saw it because they won’t let you near it.

      I had tourists that would get mad and walk out over this. We would laugh and say, “No you can’t go sit on Dr. Graham’s porch!”

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC http://www.wix.com/cathyneil/Property-Management 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


  4. To be entirely honest with you: several months ago I began reading your blog simply because of the humor; it made me laugh! Granted, that’s not the hardest thing to do, but nonetheless your writing made me start checking both my inbox and your blog everyday for another post. The good news is, though your humorous writing style is what at first caught my attention, I soon realized all the Godly truths you were sharing in your blog! Of course, I’d read them before but I hadn’t really taken them to heart. Take this post, for example:

    I never before applied that verse (“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”) to what I do on the computer. Yes, like you, I blog. But this post has got me thinking about everything else I do on the computer! Am I truly doing everything for the glory of God? How about when I look up topics for school, or that interest me, am I serving Him then? — Your final paragraph in particular struck me:

    “In other words we are to maintain balance like Jesus did. He never rushed. He was patient. He was always giving. He is our example in this fast paced, get it done right now culture. We need to get our priorities in order. When one area of our lives is loaded, another area will suffer. Seek God for balance. You will find your needs met without having to overburden yourselves as he says in Matthew 6: 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

    Am I really maintaining balance in all areas of my life?

    In other words, your blog has really got me thinking, and I want to thank you for it. So then: thank you.

  5. I LOVE my new LAPTOP! It has opened up a whole new world to me and taken me places (where there is WiFi) I might not normally have gone. It’s allowed me to see the world from a different perspective and appreciate it “in moderation” and with a constant reminder, to self, not to let it slip into “OB-session.”

    Over the holidays I felt reminded time and time again to re-read Bruce Wilkerson’s little book “The Secrets of the Vine.” I dreaded reading it again thinking God was about to PRUNE me AGAIN! But He gently reminded me to “abide” with him. So today, as I seek Him first, and attempt to abide, I remind myself that this laptop is a gift, full of fruit bearing power, as long as I guard against it’s alluring potential to become an idol…and make sure my husband doesn’t get to the point where I have to choose. LOL

    Great post. You make me laugh!

    • I am laughing out loud at your reply! It is funny how many are replying to that post. I am so glad I am not alone with this issue! Like your point that we can use our laptops for the good of the kingdom which is my purpose. Most of the time. Hopefully. I can’t understand how people who don’t do this don’t do it! lol

      As far as writing posts that are humorous, there is so much to laugh at! Seriously I cannot believe some of the things people do and say. At least I can write about them!

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  7. I can’t believe The Lord is exactly pleased with how the LapTop has taken a grip of the Christian Community. It’s incumbent upon us to manage our days & lives more effectively and our only obsession should be doing His will. Relationships are THE BIG THING in life, but those we form via the internet may be tooooooo shallow.

    A fellow struggler.

  8. Hi Cathy, I really do understand and appreciate where your coming from and I had a chuckle but I’m going to be a bit serious now, for sure this is not always my focus as you can see on my Blog but for me Blogging is a wonderful gift from God. Having a Computer has blessed me greatly, with being able to also create Power points and e-mails expressing my Love for the Lord and glorifying Him and also enjoying others expressions of Love for Him. I notice you like Snoopy Cathy I will post a Power point I received a couple of years ago for you, in a day or two … Did you know Cathy in the Bible times they had the City Gate and people did what we are doing, they kept up with the latest news, stayed in contact, gossiped, made laws etc. God’s Church is all over the world today…what a great blessing God has given us to be able to keep in contact, encourage and uplift other Christians, share God’s Truth, correct error if needed etc regardless of where Christians live or even non Christian friends…

    I blog but not always with WordPress all over the world why? …….

    I tried to get Employment and was even willing to Volunteer but they didn’t want someone who was disabled and 60, even though I can do most things that don’t require me to stand up for long periods of time, but nobody wanted me, so I talked it over with God and my new 8 hour a day job with lunch and morning tea as well as a few hours off to attend to my home responsibilities or shopping and of course worship time… is Blogging… but of course I have much more time then most people, my Resolution is to do my work all for the Glory of God and that’s my wages…the bonuses are out of this world!.

    Christian Love Anne.

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  10. Love, love, love this post! I really needed it today. Be blessed!

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