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A Safe Distance from Genius


It’s January 2nd and I don’t feel I have accomplished much of anything today. Great way to start the year. It happens because my husband is not yet back to work (tomorrow) so I am tending to being a wife. Now don’t go jumping on me yet!


Now I feel better but he doesn’t. He has a cold. For someone who never gets sick you would think it was the end of the world. I am so glad he stays well most of the time because he has a very demanding but good job. He really is a wonderful man, husband and father. He just gets in my way. (Haha! he doesn’t read my blogs so I am safe here)

He and I were discussing new cell phones which we are hoping to get in about a month. We are still with Verizon due to our contract (ugh) but only for a few more weeks. I have checked, chatted and read the details of other providers and I am reeling with “what to do?” He says I am better at handling this kind of issue because I type and spell much better than he does.

We have a new TV that was working on 2 remotes. He couldn’t get it programmed to work with one remote. I am the better communicator but knows “zilch” about TV components, etc. I had to call and hand him the phone. Between him and “whats her name” within a few minutes he had it working on one remote. He is better at repairs and typical technological issues; my IQ in that area is almost in double digits.

He has this idea that whichever one of us is gifted in a certain area, we should stick to that area of expertise. Does that mean I have to empty the trash all the time because I am gifted in the “trash department?”  Does that mean I have to clean the garage because I am the maid? (I am not cleaning the garage)

Does that mean I don’t have to cook since he is a better chef than me? Well, he is not doing that. He goes to a job and works 8-10 hours a day and leaves me with the cooking! How dare him!

As you can tell this policy may need some “tweaking.”

The current logo of the Gifted Education Centre

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I agree that if one person is gifted to sing, they should sing. If another is gifted to teach, they should teach. Singing is not a problem for me. No one would listen. God seriously left that gift in the box.

God graciously gifted each one of us to do what he called us to do while we are here on this earth. Sad to say many never find out what that purpose is. This is usually due to a lack of interest in fulfilling God’s will for their life. It makes me wonder though, how many people had gifts over the centuries that never pursued them that would have made a major difference in the scheme of things?

How much does this hurt God? How often do gifted people use those gifts for evil?

I don’t know about all of you, but I have found God gives a very good grade for effort. “Trying” often leads to an A. I should know. The many times I have tried and failed God always showed up with a #2 pencil and a clean sheet of paper so I could take the test over.    There is a name for this: it is called “mercy.”  God’s mercy allows us to fail until we find our gift or purpose.  During this process, we get closer to God as he leads us and trains us for our calling.

People who believe God knows nothing about them should realize attitude goes before genius. God looks at the hearts of those who choose to chase after him to pursue the dreams he created for them, not their intellect.

Find yourself attempting to accomplish tasks you weren’t gifted to accomplish? Don’t start. Give it to someone who is so you won’t have to do it! lol!

A Gifted Man

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13 thoughts on “A Safe Distance from Genius

  1. Gosh, you’re an entertaining writer. I loved this one. Had me snickering and chuckling all the way through.

  2. I’m going to have to remember this. I’m going to tell my wife I’m not gifted in the area of taking out the trash. We’ll see how that goes over.

  3. Cathy, I am so very, very glad God gives believers A’s for trying and just for “showing up.” LOL. (Sitting back at my writing desk after Christmas break, I’m there today, actually. . )

    Lookin’ up,
    Sislyn/Jean H.

  4. Loved the post :). Thank you for reminding everyone of God’s mercy; though I would like to point out that my parents are now going to insist that I have the gifting of taking out the trash, I still enjoyed the post.

    I certainly have to agree with you on one point: if I sang, no one would listen. Actually, in addition to that, they would probably go get earplugs and lock themselves in the basement until the car alarm that is my singing stopped (okay, maybe a mild exaggeration there).

    And don’t worry, whatever gifts I do have I’ll be sure to use for good; I have no intention of “hurting” God.

    • Joshua, thanks so much. Angus Lewis had something to say about the trash too! My mother made me sing in the choir when I was young. It was so embarrassing.
      I was telling Warrioress how there have been times in my life when nothing could make me laugh. God has brought it back; so my endeavor with this blog is hopefully to get a smile on others or a laugh or two. Laughter is like medicine!

  5. Actually, most of us want to do what we’re not gifted in doing. It seems to come with the human makeup.

  6. I really liked this post and it really motivates me to think. My issue is how do you know what God’s gift for you is? I am a great cook (not to sound full of myself) but I am, but I never wanted to be a chef. I am great with makeup, never wanted to be a makeup artist. I considered becoming a CASAC since I am an expert at substance abuse. My mom thinks I should be a nutritionist, which I actually considered, since it ties into my goal of being a social worker. I applied for SW school and got rejected. At 28, I don’t want to choose the wrong career and waste time and money on more school. So how am I supposed to find out what my gift is?? I’m not sure if this is that what you meant, but when I think of gift I automatically think of career, because that it where we spend so much of our time.
    Thanks for reading. Great post as usual!

    • Dear Moderate Christian,

      Often it is connected to our work, but not always. I know what you mean about wasting time and money and coming up with the wrong solution. You are young so you still have a great opportunity to find it out; most people don’t. I waited too long but am now doing it.

      Finding it out; the best way is to seek God, in prayer, Bible study. What I found is no matter what I am going to do, praying about it first eliminates so many problems and you don’t waste money. Also, think of the areas you are good at. Then you might try a process of elimination by whatever gives you the most joy and peace.

      Remember, Moses took 40 years to find his gift. Jesus was 30 before he started his ministry on earth. There is a time of preparation and I am not telling you that to discourage you. The great thing about God in this area I found is even when I traveled the wrong road, he still managed to coordinate the path for me where he wanted me to land.

      I use to think people who were born to sing, play a musical instrument, or can do math have it so easy. Not so now. They never had to seek God the way I have to find my gifts. Yea, don’t limit them; sounds like you have many.

      As far as it connecting to your work, do the above with that and see what comes out of your heart. Joy and peace are a great guide. Thanks for reading my blog! Blessings….

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC http://www.wix.com/cathyneil/Property-Management 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


    • One more thing. I use to get wounded when a door shut. Now I know God shut them. That is often his way of saying “go the other way.” In fact, closed doors makes it easy! Walk through the open doors. The post I wrote the other day; I did not want to blog. Now I love it! God knew better than me!

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC http://www.wix.com/cathyneil/Property-Management 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com


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