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Mom, You want to Join facebook?


Here it is January 1, 2012. I am posting an article published on  believersbay.com  on  March 8, 2011. I have a confession. I never wanted to become a blogger. It was after I wrote this article God really began nudging me to start a blog. I remember thinking, “what would I name it?” Sooner than later God showed me to name it “Did Jesus Have a Facebook Page?” I knew then he wanted me to pursue this adventure; and adventure it has been. Now I am hooked and absolutely love blogging! Thanks to all you fellow bloggers who have paved the way for me to enjoy this great communication!  This post is really how it started for me!

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Mom, You Want to Join facebook?

For all of you out there who are either computer literate or illiterate, facebook is now everywhere. You don’t even have to know how to use it, or know how to find it on the internet. To be honest you don’t even have to own a computer to know what facebook is!

When I got the idea 2 years ago to join facebook, my college age daughter looked at me rather astonished and lowered my self-esteem by remarking,

“Mom, you aren’t in college. You can’t join facebook.”

My hearing aid heard her really telling me I am too old to join facebook. My response to that was, “Does facebook have an age limit? If so what is it? Is facebook discriminating against middle age women who want to spy on their college age daughters and all of her friends?”

Immediately I rushed to my computer and joined facebook. At least I tried to. Once I registered I realized it was one more user Id and password I would have to remember. Questions like, “what is a news feed?” and “how do I get pictures on facebook?” became my next quest.

I answered my own question about the pictures because I didn’t own a digital camera. Even then I would have to learn how to use a digital camera before I could upload pictures on facebook. What chores!

Next I would venture into setting up my own profile. But how could I do that without a picture?  Then I remembered that our college age daughter has a digital camera with her at college.  I would have to wait on the picture so I began filling out my personal information. That was relatively easy so I thought I was really on a roll and would check into the Privacy Settings, Networks, etc. That area was rather boring so I really didn’t read it.

I decided I needed to find out how to find friends.

What do I do if someone friend’s me that I don’t remember (age again) or that I don’t want to be friends with? Do I just “ignore” them?

The list was a mile long of people who were supposedly my friends or friends of friends.

Why would I want to be friends of friends that I don’t even know? The confusion continued.


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Moving on to the facebook apps as they call them I started playing “Farmville.” At night I would go to bed wondering who was gardening or who had more cows and pigs than me. The list went on and on of actions and activities you could do.

I was amazed that through cyber space I could throw things at people who I didn’t really like. You could even throw things at people who you do like.  You could throw food, shoes and even Mardi gras beads. It was like an online food fight.  Another nice feature is you can hide certain people who you don’t want to read about or make it so they can only see part of your profile. I soon found out it was not difficult to eliminate those that annoyed me.

Seriously I found some of the apps like the Birthday Calendar to be a nice way to recognize my friends.  Also you can send personal messages to friends or write a note on their “wall” which is a public post. Facebook offers groups you can join or post your status of your daily activities. It is a great way to find those you have lost touch with over the years and catch up on their lousy lives.

The facebook frenzy has caught on as one of the most popular modern-day connections.  Outside of texting it is one of my favorite avenues to find out the latest news or gossip.

I wonder what God thinks about it?

I know there are those who believe facebook is nothing but harmful, a waste of time and ungodly. Actually before I started it I felt that way but mostly it was out of fear that I couldn’t keep up with my college age daughter’s computer literacy. Once I joined and began getting friends I felt pretty good about myself.

God can use anything to get our attention. The enemy of this world will begin his attack. I am not disputing that Facebook has been used for the wrong motives, but it can be used for God’s motives too. God allowed computers to be invented for his reasons, not the enemy.  Our world is moving so fast technologically it is difficult to keep up. I am happy texting and posting. The internet is a tool God is using to send his word across the world.

Mark 16:15 says, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”(NIV)

Just think you wouldn’t be connected to believersbay.com if we didn’t have it and you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Facebook has allowed me to become an Online Missionary. I have prayed for people who post prayer requests that I would not know otherwise to pray for. It has given me the ability to join Christian groups that shed light through facebook to others who may not know Christ.  It has connected me with people in my past that can see a conversion in me they did not see years ago.

No matter where we are geographically on this earth, God has given us the tools to reach into places and the hearts of people who just a few decades ago seemed unimaginable. His ways and thoughts are surely higher than ours.

By the way, my college age daughter does not mind me posting on her wall as long as I don’t embarrass her!

Copyright 2012 “Did Jesus have a facebook Page?” All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Mom, You want to Join facebook?

  1. An amazing story my dear friend….glad you were willing…I couldn’t imagine not having you as part of my blogging family. May God continue to illuminate the way for you. -watw

  2. By now, my children are used to me embarrassing them every now and then.

  3. I have a fb account, but actually enjoy blogging more. It seems strangers care more than family & friends do! 🙂
    Thanks for being a great blogging buddy!

  4. I loved reading this…It made me easier on my mom…lol…she had the same issues in the beginning…thanks for honesty and patience….

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