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The King of King Friendship Award

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and reading my emails I received one from Freedom Born; a wonderful Christian blogger who really gave me a great start for my day. She offered me the The King of King Friendship Award. Her link is http://www.freedomborn.wordpress.com.  Please check out her site as it is truly a gift from God.

This is how she presented it to me:

As my friend in the Lord and Sister, I would like to offer you personally The King of Kings Friendship Award…feel free to accept it or not, I know you clicked the like button as did a few others and I really appreciated your acceptance of my idea to uplift who we are in The Lord as the Body of Christ but I just wanted to make it more personal as I will do with the others who clicked like… we are one, we are family.

Anne, of  Freedom Born is from Queensland, Australia. How amazing is it that God created technology that we can make friends across the world? It behooves me to think of those who don’t believe in God or question it, as to how that could possibly happen. Knowing she is from a part of the world so far away and yet we share the same love for God is truly a miracle in itself. I have written often how creative God is. This is an example.

This is humbling. To be recognized by fellow Christians is a wonderful confirmation that the words God is bestowing upon my heart are reaching others. That is my goal.

God spoke to me this morning and told me to speak profoundly about how important it is for his people to seek him personally. It is the link missing in our churches today. Spending time alone with God, reading the words Jesus spoke, thanking him, and praising him for all the good in your life is paramount to everything. It is the glue that holds us together because without it, this life means nothing. And I say that from experience.

I share this award with all of you who have endeared my heart with your words, love and affection.  Maybe we have started our own revolution right here on Word Press.

The King of King Frienship Award