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WordPress, Blogging, Writing and a Revolution

These past few months I have been trying to blog everyday. Postaday2011 was the incentive.  Not that I have that much to say, but, oh…yes I do.

Blogging  is like writing what I am thinking about in the moment or if a revolution has appeared on the streets. (OWS) Those revolutions just seem to get me all riled up so a rant is needed to expose my zealous emotions for how un-sensible they are.

Blogging has become my passion. A few months ago it crossed my mind before I started how much I didn’t want to get involved with the obvious thoughts of others; especially those who may disagree with me.

Blogging does that.

As time passed, that nudging feeling kept creeping into my everyday life as if  I don’t have enough to do already. Somehow God’s nudge has become my message.

Writing for http://www.believersbay.com for the last year or so as a columnist got me thinking about this. The site is also on WordPress and presents a number of Godly  men and women who write whenever about God from a common sense standpoint. The editor and I are writing a book that we hope to finish by next summer.  That is if life would stop getting in the way so I could concentrate better.

I always wanted to be a writer. Had no idea what to write about until God showed me he wanted me to write about him. It has taken many years for me to know enough about God to be able to pursue putting it on paper. Or cyber space. Or the restaurant napkin. Or the grocery list.  Whatever.

Some of my topics have presented themselves as works of art; (don’t laugh). Others have been serious debates. One or two are strictly my opinions that may have lingered into temper tantrums.

Mostly, my blog posts have been to make a point about Jesus and how he has changed my life.  Re-phrase: or how he  is trying to change my life.  In genuine love I have tried to allow God’s humor to spill over into the scribble of the pages since he has been given a bad rap in the area as a clever comic.

You see, I see his humor. I am his humor. He laughs at us because he wants us to laugh at ourselves. God wants us to laugh with him. So why not write down his funny side so others can at least read it?

If you are like me, I never saw God as funny growing up. It was all “hellfire and ?”  So how was anyone going to see the sparkle of God’s love?

My understanding now of God is he is so creative and does it with such glee we are no match for his rivalry. Having said that, he would like us to learn he is far from grim, dour and gloomy.

You are smart enough to discern my journey has not been one of peaceful distinction. In fact my life seems to be marked by one crisis after another. Some are results of my big mouth; others simply fall into my lap without notice or permission.

Crisis finally sunk into my soul as a daily occurrence. Accepting crisis as a life sentence showed me to the door of God’s Comedy Club.  Once you enter, you will never be the same.

He may allow you to go through one maze after another, but he will shine his light with his whimsical genius so you can walk out laughing on the other side.

And while you are crawling this maze of survival, grab the latest piece of technology and start blogging.

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Copyright December 2011: For all you blogging burglars hear this. If you so much as think about stealing a word from one of my postings on this blog this is how you will suffer. First, you will read the entire Bible through. Then you will repent of your sins, get on your knees and ask Jesus into your life as your Savior.

Once done, I will proceed to flog you, place you in stocks for a week and then decide whether your fate will be by either throwing you into the Lion’s Den or hang you in the gallows. Either way at least I will know where you are going or I will be satisfied knowing your thieving soul was saved at the last-minute.