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Complain? In America? Naaaaa……

I don’t know if other people experience the demise of household items as we do, but I would like to call a truce.

My phone quit a few weeks ago. Yesterday  the big screen TV died. Our college age daughter announced she needs 4 new tires.

What is it with these technology devices and rubber maid rollers that continue to break or wear out?  Am I doing something wrong? Right now I want to complain. Oh. I don’t know who to complain to. But I will lay some blame. That should be fun.  At least it might make me feel better.

I  blame the phone company for making such cheap products that my phones always manage to quit working before my contract is up.

I blame Donald Trump for not trying hard enough to get our TV manufacturers back in the United States, instead of China. As a result it has never worked right.

I blame our daughter for driving from here to kingdom  come and back which added so many miles on her car she needs new tires. (I won’t mention that she drives like Jeff Gordon or what’s her name? oh yea, Danika Patrick except she isn’t on a race track.)

So glad I can at least blame someone or something for all the interruptions and inconveniences in my life. Spreading blame is almost as satisfying as complaining. In this country we sure have a lot of great examples in both those categories so we are all experts.

The issue I have with these issues are it happens everywhere; not just from the rivals in our government, but our schools, neighborhoods and even our churches. What I can’t figure out is if we are so blessed in this country why are we complaining? Why do we shift blame to others when we don’t get what we want? Ohhhhh yea! I got it! We think we deserve better!

In our twisted, warped brains we have decided we are above the law, due a reprieve no matter what and given a license to complain. Once we have aired our negative, self pitying attitudes because we didn’t get  the phone we wanted, new tires immediately or that Hitachi I wanted, we vent by laying blame on some cashier or poor soul  who just happens to be the in the line of our fire who had nothing to do with our plight.

Let me say I am first in line for these ill conditions. Or I use to be.

We have no right to complain. Do you have indoor plumbing, electricity and every piece of technology known to man? Do you have a roof over your head, clothes to wear and a job? Do you have food to eat, a car to drive and a church to worship in?

The Bible clearly states we should not complain. (Philippians 2: 14) I am a work in progress. As a child I wondered why we had these things and other people didn’t. Now I know they did not drop out of the sky somehow and land in our backyard.

I catch myself these days before I even think of complaining. It takes effort since it has been woven in my genes but I watch my thoughts and words so as not to speak that evil. If I do, repentance takes over. At least I have gotten that far. My hope would be to  to get to the place where no complaint leaves my lips.

Of course that would take an act of God. You know that just might work.