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America: A Mutual Admiration Society

Portrait of a forbidden fruit

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America has traded intelligence and purpose with greed and forbidden fruit all in the name of personal adoration. We have become a group of lost people delving into social edification leaning on the arrays of others who have no idea how to manage their own life much less anyone else.

Yet, those very ones who live to unyielding political correctness, unsavory lifestyles and walk the Red Carpet are polarized into positions of using their platforms for their own agendas. WE the general public have offered a throne of gold with a crown of jewels to promote the life outside of the “Garden of Eden” after Adam sinned. Who cares what Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars or if it even fit?

Unfortunately I have to include the church in this respect. The church “skirts” around issues God wants to be taught in an effort not to offend anyone. Open the doors so anyone can show up. True, but not for the case of entertaining them into the kingdom.  My thoughts for some time have been “how has the church failed” instead of “how has the church succeeded?”

We live in fairy tale Mutual Admiration Society. Go live in a castle you can’t afford. Buy a luxury car and along with that every entertainment device advertised. Take a vacation with your Visa Card. We deserve the best the world has to offer. After all, this is America.

Wasteful Spending

Forget the hungry children in Africa, or the missionaries in tribal villages in lands unheard of or the enslaved to Human Trafficking. Why should we care or offer help to the children who live and eat in trash dumps in India or support the Christians in other countries who have put their lives on the line for their faith in Christ? (“Whatever you did for the least of these you did also for me.”Matthew 25:40)

Let them fend for themselves; they aren’t  Americans with Collective Bargaining and we have a reputation to uphold. 

Sadly we have sacrificed our moralistic values as Godly men and women to be  admired for our providential successes. The heck with integrity or honesty. We want to be noticed! After all this is America.

We provide the most obstinate, vulgar, arrogant, and downright ludicrous examples of how to live in this world. Our preposterous fashion labels, 72 day marriages, and political documents that have been rammed down our throats that we haven’t read yet get more attention than Mother Teresa did.

We are more interested in blinding ourselves with the ills of the land to make sure we live up to the expectations of those who have no interest in anyone else but themselves than to stand alone being different. After all this is America; land of the free to do whatever pleases you no matter if it is right or wrong as long as we are following the crowd of “Occupy Stupid.”

This monotony of failure is a result of the acceptance of evil over good; and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Yet, the general consensus is “how can God allow bad things to happen?” Read the Bible; pray, communicate with God everyday and when you do? He will  reveal he is only capable of doing good and help you get off of your self-applauding pedestal and find a life worth living.



The Stuff We Leave Behind

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Our Pastor made a very unique observation. He said he had never seen a hearse with a trailer attached to it. Do you know what that means? It means you can’t take it with you no matter what it is.

His sermon was based upon no matter whether you are rich or poor, we have certain issues to deal with, but our stuff does not matter. In my opinion what ever issues you deal with we are often substantiated by our own perspectives of those issues.
Our stuff and whether or not we want to hold on to it, is temporary.

That being the case our stuff does not make much difference. I know I have too much “stuff.” Most of which is for my convenience or to use as I see fit or need. I am amazed when I find something I have had for “eons” not knowing I still had it. So if I did not know I had it, why do I need to keep it?

My perspective on the issue of stuff is that if I have stuff I didn’t know I had why not give it away? At least someone else in need of my stuff may be able to use it while in this temporary stop-over.

It says in Matthew 6:33 that God knows our needs and will give them to us if we seek him first and his kingdom. That really makes sense. God created us and knew the stuff we would need before we were born. I wonder how much stuff God has?

He told us to travel lightly and in the end we will not need our stuff at all. I think that is because the stuff in Heaven will last forever.

How much stuff do you have? If you already own a trailer or were thinking of buying one for the trip, you may as well get rid of it; it won’t fit through the gate.



Security In All The Wrong Places

Veterans Day poster issued by the U.S. Departm...

Years ago I found out what security wasn’t. It wasn’t my friends. Or my car. Or my health. Or my ex-husband. Or my family. Or even this nation.

The catastrophic affect this had on my emotions left me hanging. I had a close relationship with God or so I thought. All of a sudden I felt this surging fear running through my veins as if the devil himself had just crawled beneath my feet. I was either going to continue living with that fear or find out where my security really was. I chose the latter.

It still baffles me how people don’t see this. Clearly in our world of chaos  we have no security with each other. Oh, maybe to some degree we do, but what happens when that person you have so depended on is no longer there? Hearing the question, “is there more to this life?” would bring me to the point of no security. These two are connected by God.

Kind of like this: IS THERE MORE TO LIFE? SECURITY IN GOD. So of course there is more to life and God has provided it along with security otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

On this Veterans Day I thank the men and women who fight for us everyday. I also thank my dad who is a WWII veteran along with 2 of his brothers.  The security these brave comrades bring to us in the past and today are ordained by God to protect his people.

2 Chronicles 20:17 says that we do not have to fight these battles because they belong to the Lord. Do you think that is the definition of security?

I took photo with Canon camera.


The Miracle in the Chair

Man in rocking chair

Have been gone a few days visiting my parents and family. It is always good to go home. Now, back in my own home, there is much to catch up on and more going on than I can speak of. Fatigue is the order of the day right now even when trying to catch up.

My dad has a rocking chair by the window of their den he sits in and has for many years. He smokes a pipe and even though I wish he wouldn’t the aroma of “Sir Walter Raleigh” is like his signature trait. He has a table beside the chair used for his ash tray, pipe tobacco, kleenex, nasal spray and a clock that is actually my mom’s that dad kept for himself. It is the spot that holds the picture of him that remains with me all the time; until last July 2010 when I didn’t know if he would ever sit there again.

At night I sit on the couch across from my 85 year old father watching him intently as he would navigate the screen of a laptop. It is the laptop he never thought he would enjoy, much less use. After 18 months of going from knocking on the door of death to looking and feeling better than he did before he became ill, he has a new perspective on life. Learning how to use a laptop has been a God send and offered a new learning experience.

He religiously walks everyday, does his exercises from his chair and has the appetite of a horse. Yesterday after I left he joined my brother at the Country Club to hit a few golf balls. 6 months ago we didn’t know if he would be up and moving around much less swinging a club.

golf ball, at Ruth Lake Country Club

His desire to live has catapulted his recovery but we all know who gave him that. For the first time in my presence dad asked about what all had happened to him because he was so doped up with meds for almost 2 months he remembers very little. I told him it was ok that he doesn’t remember because we do. I then staunchly told him, “don’t ever do that again!”

He apologized for putting the entire family through so much but mom and I let him know how glad we are he is still with us and doing so well.

It was fun showing him new techniques on his laptop.  My daughter signed him up for “skype” which turned out to be even more fun and truly amazing for both of them! She skyped him from her apartment at college which brought out laughter and joy even for our daughter’s friends! The 15 minutes we communicated with her through cyber space were like drinking the first 6oz bottled coke years ago out of the coke machine my dad had at his car business. It was surreal and a moment in time that can’t be replaced.

My time with them is precious but I also know where we are all going. God has been so good to my family; there are many waiting for us in Heaven. For now I am thrilled to see my dad sitting in his rocker living out the miracle of extended life God has given him.


Photography by John

I decided to do something a little different today. Photographer John Randolph Harrison is a college friend of mine whose photos capture the true meaning of God‘s creation. He has allowed me to share a slide show of some of my favorites with you. The last 7 photos are a great Blue Heron in sequence of his flight to his landing. Quite impressive. Enjoy!

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John’s Gallery can be found at http://www.pbase.com/jrandyh


There are Phone Calls, and then there is That Phone Call

Have you ever received the phone call you never wanted to get? Have you ever made a phone call that gave you the answer you were expecting and wanted to have?

I have had both. July 2010 the phone call I never wanted came through my receiver. My dad was very ill and had been admitted to the hospital.  I packed my bags to make the 3 hour trip to my family and my sick father. I admit I didn’t handle any of this well. I was noticeably shaken and to be honest the sense of fear that came over me was almost more than I could handle.

My dad was in so much pain. By the time I got there they believed he had diverticulitis. They continued treatment and kept him in the hospital.

God had a plan that only my mother saw. She told me later God is a God of order and peace, not disorder and none of this was peaceful.

After 4 days in the hospital, filling him full of pain killers, fluids, antibiotics, Lexipro and who knows what else my dad’s colon ruptured. Watching him screaming in misery made me nauseous.

Time was crucial but God had a plan. 4 days of antibiotics had killed any poison that entered his system from the rupture. Emergency surgery in the middle of the night ended up with the surgeon cutting a foot of dad’s colon out.

The surgeon said the next 3-4 days were critical; if he made it through then he would be in for a long recovery. That of course was not what any of my family wanted to hear but God had a plan.

Today, after 3 surgeries in less than a year; 1 major and 2 minors dad is 85, walks to get exercise and enjoys learning how to use the laptop we bought him.  Even his doctors and the clinic are amazed at his recovery. My greatest fear in all of this was that dad would not have the desire to get well. He has proven me completely wrong and I am so glad. In some ways he is healthier than he was before this happened but God had a plan.

God allowed antibiotics for 4 days to prevent what could have been fatal. The surgeon was the best in town for that kind of an operation. He just happened to be on call at midnight on that particular Sunday night? I don’t think so. He was also my brother’s golfing partner.

That entire year was not only one of the most difficult I have ever experienced, it was a wake up call. God had a plan and I didn’t see it. It made me question my faith. I am sure God by now was wondering what else would he need to do to show me his “faithfulness.”  OK GOD! I think I got the message.

Then there is the other phone call. The one we find out that what we thought we were believing is exactly as it turns out to be. Faith has worked in my favor today because God has a plan.

As soon as the legal dust settles, I will blog about God’s faithfulness to me in a situation that started out good, ended up bad, and is now on-going. God is a good God, he revealed to me today, the path to take or not,  and that what I was thinking was a confirmation of what I believe God was telling me.

Until that time, always know that God has a plan for everything.

Proverbs 16:7 When my ways are pleasing to the Lord, he makes even my enemies to live at peace with me.

An early 20th century candlestick phone being ...


The Truth is in the Memo

I admit I am no Einstein, but I am also not stupid. For one thing I am a college graduate! (for whatever that means.) Is it me or is society just ignoring  the truth and keeps speaking whatever they want to define their own agendas? Have we become so lost in this country that the truth is simply not important?

I know there are some intelligent people out there in America land, but it blows me away at their ability to sit in front of others who are speaking the truth and completely deny it believing what they are saying is the truth. Maybe they aren’t so smart.

Ok. I know what it is. They didn’t get the memo. You know the one God sent. It is wrapped in this nice leather cover with all these white pages in it that explains the truth on every page. Last I heard it is written in every language.  I believe it is even written in supernatural words which to some may not be considered a language but it is to me. It is also the most important memo ever written and has been around a loooooonnnnnnnngggggg time! So why haven’t they gotten the memo?

Ok, I got that one too. They got the memo, but they haven’t opened it. In fact there is no shortage of the memo because it is the most printed memo in history. So if they got it why haven’t they read it?

Ok. I got this one too! Wow! I am doing really well getting the answers correct today.

They haven’t read it because they already know everything; or at least that is what they tell themselves.  It is called “Self-sufficiency. I got my first memo as a child but I couldn’t read so I didn’t open it. My mother could read so she opened it and read it to me. That tells me mom must have thought neither one of us were self-sufficient, not that I understood that at the age of 3 but she wanted me to learn that I would need the memo as I aged. She was right so I read it every day. My memo comes in the mail, does yours?

Ok, so let’s get back to self-sufficiency. Naphtali‘s definition is when those with or without education (I guess that means everyone) believe they are totally capable of living this life without the memo. So why do they feel so self-sufficient?

Ok. I got this one too but I am going to let you finish that sentence because my answer would not be very nice.

John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”