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Grow Up? Why?

Yesterday I posted a semi-rant after watching a video from Facebook  from someone who believes the “occupy wall-street” protestors had every right to protest. Yes, our constitution allows for that. BUT WHEN DO WE GROW UP?

Most of those protesting appear to be young people; by that I mean younger than I am. Thinking back when I was their age protesting was not on my agenda. Maybe that was because I was too busy trying to graduate from college and get on with my life. Did I miss something? Oh yea. They want that on their resume!

“I was a Wall-Street Occupier. I sat in the cold for days on end, slept in a tent with no heat and ate bugs. I deserve a job.” I don’t have that on my resume. Will protesting be a requirement now to get a job?

Growing up these days is hard, I know that. I heard the other day we actually don’t make wise decisions until age 50.

If this is true what about the other 49 years prior to the big 50? Does this mean we don’t have to be accountable for ourselves? Does it mean we are excused for our stupidity for the 49 years prior to this?  I wish I was younger so I could be in this category.

For those of us who have already gone past the 1/2 century mark are we to be placed in the stocks  for working, raising children and paying our bills on time because we are held accountable?  Are we excused for the 49 years prior because I just read this on yahoo the other day? If so, that isn’t fair.

To be honest I know people who never grow up. Do you know anyone like that? It is as if they are stuck. I wonder if they want to be stuck. What happens before that magic day of accountability  when life slaps you in the face with something you can’t handle?

Do you run to those who are occupying wall street? Do you run to another unaccountable person like you? Do you run to the almighty government?

No. You run to someone who is accountable. You run to someone who loves you. You run to someone with answers.

His name is Jesus

Remember him? The one your accountable parents taught you about? The Savior who died for you on a cross that literally changed the world? The Lamb of God who is always with you and  will be with you when your life falls apart?

My advice: It is time to grow up America. Stop your protests and complaining and realize you live in the most blessed country in the world. You might want to do that quickly before it all falls apart because when it does happen you might be fighting  for that foxhole the atheists have jumped into.