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I have decided that since the protestors are “occupying wall street” I want to occupy something.  Must be fun or they wouldn’t keep doing it. How do they keep doing it?

I guess it depends on what you are occupying. They have camped out on streets in big cities, and in front of capital buildings and businesses. Do you need a permit to do that? Those little girls this past summer selling lemonade on the street in front of their home were told they needed a permit.

Wonder what would happen if I decided to occupy my neighborhood. Do you think my neighbors would protest? Oh, they are nice people. They wouldn’t mind me walking around yelling ” I now occupy our neighborhood.”

Just think of all I could get away with. I could read their mail. Ride the pink bicycle across the street. Take their newspapers, read them and then throw them back in their yards.  Someone has a nice red Corvette parked in their driveway. Maybe it could be moved to my driveway.

Or what if I wanted to occupy the mall? Oh wow. Think of the stores I could raid. Clothing, shoes, phones, knickknacks. There is a nice area in the middle of our mall where I could camp out. The Sears store probably has a tent I could occupy. I will go there first.

You know what would really be fun to occupy? The Police Dept. Sure. I can see it now. Local Protestor occupies Police Department.” She has managed to fire all employees and re-hired the unemployed. Oh, by the way, the new employees are not trained police officers. They consider themselves to be vigilantes.

I must tell you what I would like to occupy the most. WASHINGTON! Oh, I can feel it in my bones. Driving to the White House in my new police car, I would step out and declare, “I now Occupy Washington.” The following are some of the changes I would make.

My first duty would be to clean house. I would get every one on Capital Hill together in the House and make them read the Bible out loud to each other and agree to govern accordingly.  If they disagree, they will immediately be replaced with a modern-day Moses, David, Paul or Ester.  I might throw “Matthew, the Tax Man” in to overhaul our tax code.

Next, I would  eliminate the debt, build up our military and throw Obamacare out on the front lawn of the Whitehouse.  I would set up a balanced budget, overhaul medicare and Medicaid and set into rule marriage is only between a man and a woman.

I would call into order anyone on welfare who buys beer and cigarettes, has manicured nails and fills their grocery carts with anything other than food they actually need. If they can work and are not, we will help them find a job. We will not throw a stimulus of taxpayer money to help them do it either.

Money wasted on such entities as Solyndra, Planned Parenthood and NPR will be immediately stopped and given to charities like the Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse.

Last but not least, our government will shrink to the size of a nickel. It was not created to do everything.

So, are you ready for me to occupy?