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Scrooge Doesn’t Live Here: Jesus Does.

They are at it again. In fact they have been for quite some time. I am talking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas Police.

They raid the stores the day after Halloween filling them up with turkeys, stuffing mix, cranberries, pumpkin pies, and Horn of Plenty tablecloths. Walk down another aisle and you will find Santa Claus talking to you through a microphone. Beside him are some elves, shirts with Frosty drinking coffee and holiday decorations for as far as you can see. THEY MUST BE STOPPED. IT IS TOO EARLY. 

Growing up we managed to get through Thanksgiving before doing anything about Christmas. Now it is as if they are compiled together for the sake of funding the vast majority of shops, stores and their owners.  Again, it is all about competition with the almighty dollar as the referee.

My husband thinks I am a cynic and has accused me of not liking Christmas.  He just said to me “are you watching a Christmas movie before Thanksgiving?” Maybe if there was something else worth watching like James Bond I would.

If it makes me a cynic that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not about money, giving presents to each other when we don’t need them and dining around the clock with food that is unhealthy and fattening, then I claim that attitude with anger, frustration and a sense of sadness to boot. If I am a cynic because most people don’t celebrate Christmas for what it truly is, then call me a cynic twice.

I have to ask God, “what do you think of the way we have ruined your son’s birthday?” “God, have we completely lost our way with you that we have pushed him aside so that he celebrates it alone and unnoticed?”

Forgive me if I am sounding as if I have no Christmas spirit. It has been hitting me about this time for the last few years.

I am not going to involve myself in the giving of presents. Instead I will donate money to the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews in honor of those I love to help God’s chosen to know the Messiah

I will not stress myself over not being able to be with family due to living away from them, schedules and a myriad of other reasons I can’t control.

I will not allow myself to join in one celebration after another in the name of food or join in the Mutual Admiration Society of Christmas decorations.

I will not appease those around me for the sake of traditions they refuse to change and yet mine were changed for me without my consent.

I will not pretend to be sociable if my heart is not in it or because everyone else is doing it. 

I will not allow myself to be swallowed up in the untrue meaning of Christmas for the sake of not offending someone else, or it is not politically correct.

I dare to be different. I vow to allow Jesus to show up on Christmas morning in my house because he never left to start with.