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The Stuff We Leave Behind


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Our Pastor made a very unique observation. He said he had never seen a hearse with a trailer attached to it. Do you know what that means? It means you can’t take it with you no matter what it is.

His sermon was based upon no matter whether you are rich or poor, we have certain issues to deal with, but our stuff does not matter. In my opinion what ever issues you deal with we are often substantiated by our own perspectives of those issues.
Our stuff and whether or not we want to hold on to it, is temporary.

That being the case our stuff does not make much difference. I know I have too much “stuff.” Most of which is for my convenience or to use as I see fit or need. I am amazed when I find something I have had for “eons” not knowing I still had it. So if I did not know I had it, why do I need to keep it?

My perspective on the issue of stuff is that if I have stuff I didn’t know I had why not give it away? At least someone else in need of my stuff may be able to use it while in this temporary stop-over.

It says in Matthew 6:33 that God knows our needs and will give them to us if we seek him first and his kingdom. That really makes sense. God created us and knew the stuff we would need before we were born. I wonder how much stuff God has?

He told us to travel lightly and in the end we will not need our stuff at all. I think that is because the stuff in Heaven will last forever.

How much stuff do you have? If you already own a trailer or were thinking of buying one for the trip, you may as well get rid of it; it won’t fit through the gate.



7 thoughts on “The Stuff We Leave Behind

  1. In reading your post, another thought occurred to me: could it be that rather than God providing the things we need IF we seek his kingdom, that Jesus is saying that he provides what we need so that we CAN seek his kingdom first?

    The world goes about searching for bigger, better, badder (that really isn’t a word you know) and trying to meet needs when God is able do so and has done so in many cases. So then we busy ourselves looking for wants that God may or may not provide. What a waste perhaps of effort.

    He gives us so much and we choose to try and build towers of Babel rather than do what He asks of us.

    Anyway, I liked your post.

    • Dear Steven,

      Thanks for the comments and yes I agree with you. Seeking God is the best thing I have ever done; not that I am patting myself on the back because it took a lot to get me there! So glad you said we waste our efforts on wanting provisions God may or may not want us to have. People are just too busy. The most important time of my day is sitting down with God. You should write a post about “building towers of Babel instead of doing what God wants us to do.” Good line. I will check out your blog.

  2. Hey Girl,

    Love this and I really like, “it won’t fit through the gate.” That is a “sticker with me.” Oh, how we at times lay up our treasures here on earth, don’t we? Good post. God Bless, SR

  3. Oh had to tell you. Daddy came out today to fix my “dripping bathroom faucet.” Anyways, I had to go to the telephone post and printed him the picture and he laughed and laughed. He took it home to Mom so am waiting to see how she liked it. God Bless, SR

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