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Security In All The Wrong Places

Veterans Day poster issued by the U.S. Departm...

Years ago I found out what security wasn’t. It wasn’t my friends. Or my car. Or my health. Or my ex-husband. Or my family. Or even this nation.

The catastrophic affect this had on my emotions left me hanging. I had a close relationship with God or so I thought. All of a sudden I felt this surging fear running through my veins as if the devil himself had just crawled beneath my feet. I was either going to continue living with that fear or find out where my security really was. I chose the latter.

It still baffles me how people don’t see this. Clearly in our world of chaos  we have no security with each other. Oh, maybe to some degree we do, but what happens when that person you have so depended on is no longer there? Hearing the question, “is there more to this life?” would bring me to the point of no security. These two are connected by God.

Kind of like this: IS THERE MORE TO LIFE? SECURITY IN GOD. So of course there is more to life and God has provided it along with security otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

On this Veterans Day I thank the men and women who fight for us everyday. I also thank my dad who is a WWII veteran along with 2 of his brothers.  The security these brave comrades bring to us in the past and today are ordained by God to protect his people.

2 Chronicles 20:17 says that we do not have to fight these battles because they belong to the Lord. Do you think that is the definition of security?

I took photo with Canon camera.