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Photography by John


I decided to do something a little different today. Photographer John Randolph Harrison is a college friend of mine whose photos capture the true meaning of God‘s creation. He has allowed me to share a slide show of some of my favorites with you. The last 7 photos are a great Blue Heron in sequence of his flight to his landing. Quite impressive. Enjoy!

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John’s Gallery can be found at http://www.pbase.com/jrandyh

18 thoughts on “Photography by John

  1. Thank those were beautiful

  2. These are great. Thanks for change of pace. How peaceful! Have to go to folks today, will continue on mine later tonight if have time. We are about to finish it up. Have a great one, and thanks for being such a great person!. SR

  3. You have an awesome website, and I loved this post, awesome pictures. You’re right, sometimes when I’m out doing errands or just out going somewhere I stop and look around and marveled at what God has created. Beautiful!

    • I was just thinking about you as I received your previous email. Isn’t John’s work a gift from God! My prayer is God will allow those to view his photography to be blessed.
      Thank you for your kind remarks; I have fun blogging and actually did not want to. It sort of fell into my lap!

      I don’t know your story, but correct me if I am wrong here. I detect you are being hard on yourself for your past? That is a trick of the enemy. I went through that many years ago only to find out God’s grace and forgiveness was much more infinite than my self-condemnation. He forgives us immediately. You are blessed dear one. God loves you.

  4. I love the black and white photo with the tree inset. It just takes you to a different place. Magical.

  5. Hello Cathy..you came to look at mine so I came to see yours.. I am most impressed! and you are a Christian!

    I love the pictures ..they are exquisite..what a talented person John is.
    I also read your blog about Phone calls and I fully understood exactly what you meant. I have pressed the follow button so that I do not miss any more great posts….

    • Hello Ms. Whiplash! You sound like a wonderful person to be around! Thanks for stopping by my blog…and I will give John your compliment. I can’t believe no one has ever paid him for his work.
      I just read about your story with the house; as I responded you need a better lawyer, but God can give you the answer. Pray about it and allow God to lead….he will show you the way.

  6. I will be glad when you get back. Having Naphtali withdrawal:>) God Bless, SR

  7. Am so glad about your Dad. Girlfriend,I know how it is not to have time to write. Have been at my parents from nine in morning to ten at night for he last four days. We are done though,for now:>) Keep us posted on your Dad. God Bless,SR

  8. We have had to build ramps for Mom in the house and put in shower rails for her. We also had to widen the doors so she could get through them with the scooter. Then of course there was saw dust all over the house which had to be cleaned. Girl that stuff was everywhere. All over the bedding, walls, floors, furniture you name it. Everytime we would get it cleaned up something else had to be sawed off in the house. Then of course to make room for the ramps furniture and the like has had to be moved. Afterwards there was tons of lumbar that had to be loaded so it could be hauled off. It has truly been a mess, but thank God it is over. Thank God my brother is a floor man. It is so nice though, now Mom can go anywhere she wants to go in the house with ease. Thanks for asking? God Bless, Sr

  9. Oh He already has blessed me, with two great parents. God Bless, SR

  10. beautiful ! thanks for sharing this … 🙂

  11. Beautiful! I love seeing God’s grace in His creation!

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