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The Truth is in the Memo


I admit I am no Einstein, but I am also not stupid. For one thing I am a college graduate! (for whatever that means.) Is it me or is society just ignoring  the truth and keeps speaking whatever they want to define their own agendas? Have we become so lost in this country that the truth is simply not important?

I know there are some intelligent people out there in America land, but it blows me away at their ability to sit in front of others who are speaking the truth and completely deny it believing what they are saying is the truth. Maybe they aren’t so smart.

Ok. I know what it is. They didn’t get the memo. You know the one God sent. It is wrapped in this nice leather cover with all these white pages in it that explains the truth on every page. Last I heard it is written in every language.  I believe it is even written in supernatural words which to some may not be considered a language but it is to me. It is also the most important memo ever written and has been around a loooooonnnnnnnngggggg time! So why haven’t they gotten the memo?

Ok, I got that one too. They got the memo, but they haven’t opened it. In fact there is no shortage of the memo because it is the most printed memo in history. So if they got it why haven’t they read it?

Ok. I got this one too! Wow! I am doing really well getting the answers correct today.

They haven’t read it because they already know everything; or at least that is what they tell themselves.  It is called “Self-sufficiency. I got my first memo as a child but I couldn’t read so I didn’t open it. My mother could read so she opened it and read it to me. That tells me mom must have thought neither one of us were self-sufficient, not that I understood that at the age of 3 but she wanted me to learn that I would need the memo as I aged. She was right so I read it every day. My memo comes in the mail, does yours?

Ok, so let’s get back to self-sufficiency. Naphtali‘s definition is when those with or without education (I guess that means everyone) believe they are totally capable of living this life without the memo. So why do they feel so self-sufficient?

Ok. I got this one too but I am going to let you finish that sentence because my answer would not be very nice.

John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

5 thoughts on “The Truth is in the Memo

  1. Hey Girl, Good post. Questions though I am truly without an answer to.

    Why don’t people read the Bible? Why do they not read ‘ANYTHING?”

    Let me tell you some things which have happened to me.

    I gave a cashier (young girl) a 20.00 bill to break. I told her give me a 10.00 and 2 (5’s) She had no ten as she explained so her next question was to me, “Will two fives be okay?”

    I had to call out my credit card number on the phone and let us say one of the numbers was 1100.00. They kept calling the number back wrong to me. Finally I asked, “What is the problem?” To which the reply was, “How many zeros are in 1100?”

    • Dear SR, you have my sentiments. I know. My daughter is 23 and works as a cashier for Food Lion. You should hear the stories. You should hear her describe those who are on food stamps, wic, and other freebies (or not us taxpayers pay). You should hear her speak of those she works with.

      You and I must be different. I want wisdom and knowledge for they are the greatest warfare weapons. And that comes from the Bible. I know I need it which is why I pour myself into it everyday.

      I wish others would so I wouldn’t have to put up with their lack of intelligence.

      blessings friend,

      Cathy Craig Neil, PMIC/Guardian Property Management, LLC http://www.wix.com/cathyneil/Property-Management 803-840-1946 blog: http://www.craigmotor.wordpress.com author/columnist: http://www.believers.bay.com

  2. I have to do this in more boxes as the box keeps jumping up and down. I was checking out at the grocery store. I bought two white onions. To which the question was, “What kind are these?” I said, “White.” To which the next question was, “White what?”

    I called a store to complain about something that happened and asked for Mr. White the manager. To which the question was asked, “What department does he work in?” I said, “What?” The question was repeated. To which my answer came, “It is the man you work for. It is your boss, the one who signs your paycheck.” To which was said back to me, “Oh!”

  3. Now this is the mind set today. So to ask, “Why?” will only drive you to further insanity as it does me.

    How can any want “truth” when they do not even know what an onion is? The world’s mind set today is, “Sail on through, consequences be damned.” And that’s the truth. Still a good post though, I just have no answers. God Bless, SR

  4. No, we are not different, I pray for wisdom daily. To me if I have no wisdom I might as well go to bed and stay there:>) You know though, when people do not seek wisdom just to have a job, they are not going to seek it elsewhere. If I cannot read Scripture daily, when I go to bed a hole is inside of my soul. I do not know how people can get by in life without the Word of God feeding them. In reality they do not get by. Thanks for response to comment. Have a great one. God Bless, SR

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