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The Trouble with People


Have you ever wondered why people can be so annoying, troublesome and demanding? Do you feel like everyone wants a piece of you? If you have, then hear this.

There was a time in my life that I wanted to shrink away, leave for a beach island and soak forever in the warm sunshine. PEOPLE WERE EVERYWHERE AND I WANTED TO GET AWAY FROM THEM!

Considering this was futile, I never made it to my beach island. I did make it to God, but not before there was nothing left of me to give. Wrapping myself in God’s love was the only way to put the pieces back together that had either been taken from me, fallen apart or I had given them away of my own accord. I found out I was incapable of putting myself back together.

Who You Are Matters

Before I go any further I want to thank “Supermom’s are Fake” blogger for a post she wrote that added confirmation to a burning question I have had for many years. GOD DOES NOT EXPECT FROM US WHAT PEOPLE DO! After reading her blog post I realized why I hadn’t been happy in doing or being involved in certain activities, church socials or often what my family wants me to do.

The Answer: I wasn’t called to do them.

God did not ordain the busyness of the world.  I am convinced “busyness” is a direct attack from the pit of hell. God expects less of us than people do. (Matthew 11:28) If constant “busyness” is the epitome of accomplishment, then there are many who feel they never accomplish anything. How does this make the person who is physically or mentally challenged feel? What about the elderly who have been pushed out of a job due to their age? What about those who suffer at the hands of a demanding boss, or family member that they know they can never please?

After being a “people pleaser” most of my life, God has shown me he is the one I need to please. If that makes others unhappy then talk to God. Besides the fact that it never worked, it exhausted me. I quit.

The following are some helpful hints to guide you out of “busyness” or the desire to prove you are accomplished without driving you to the cliff!

Go where you are wanted, not needed. That is what Jesus did. Do not stay where you are not wanted not even for a second.
♥Manipulation, domination and intimidation will arise from those who wish to control you. Don’t allow it. They will expect from you what you do not have to give or make demands that are unreasonable.
♥Allow God to take care of conflicts that arise that seem to be an attack or useless to what you are called to do. Proverbs 16:7. These can often be considered distractions.
♥What excites you may not excite someone else so expect rejection. Jesus did. That did not stop him from his calling. They are captivated by their own chains of pain or suffering that needs repair.
♥What excites you may annoy those in leadership and may prompt an attack.
♥Your closest family members will not understand your position when you don’t go along with the crowd.
♥God prefers you spend time alone with him rather than running around all day invoking your presence in areas he did not place you in.
♥Spending time alone with God will change your plans and expose your flaws so he can guide you into a better way of doing things.
♥Expect attacks. Keeping your eye on Jesus will open doors and close doors. There will be those who desire to push you through the doors they think you should be walking through. Only allow true, Godly counsel.
♥Victory follows attacks. Be alert. Pray. God is working behind the scenes.

Use to be I wanted to be involved, casting my expertise of life on everyone and in everything. Now I have gone the other way. I was not created to do 10 things half-way. I was created to do 1 or 2 very well. In today’s world this goes against everything considered worthwhile. It is God’s will for us to slow down, cut out those activities, entertainment, and people he never intended to be in our lives, and spend time alone with him.

God can do in 1 hour what may take us a lifetime. We just have to get out of his way, stop trying to do it ourselves and let him.

8 thoughts on “The Trouble with People

  1. You have no idea how much I needed this post. My life is just as you described most of the time. I will work on it and take to heart what you said, and probably will read and re-read. Good post and thank you so much. I makes me realize I need to be making some changes. SR

  2. I fully understand “single parent.” I was one also and I refer to that time as the hardest time of my life. I worked two jobs for eleven years and girl when I fell I fell hard. I would get up at five go to day job at doctor’s office, get off of that job and go and check groceries until one in the morning. Never a day off. I was so lucky to have kids that worked also and were soooooooo trust worthy. If I would of had to worry about that also and I do not think I could have made it. Thank God He gave me good kids. Right now am busy with parents getting up in years, and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming for me, however I always thank God that He gives me a chance to show my parents how much I love them and for the opportunity to show them mercy, even though somedays, it feels like I cannot place one foot in front of the other.

    I will re-visit this post though when I need reminding on some things. Thanks again for the post. Sr

  3. Will be praying for you and your parents. God Bless, SR

  4. I re-read this post and I can see how you were feeling. I have felt the same way many times. Still do at times if I do not watch it.

    Take care. God Bless, SR

  5. No I have not read it, but will check it out. Thanks for tip. God Bless,SR

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