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For Those of U Who Can’t Spel…


²I am always laughin at my husband who has a Masters Degree, is intelligence but can’t spel.  He does not think it is funy. He should not play Wheel of Fortun. He would lose.


Growin up, our school often had speling bees. I wasn’t the best, but I sure wasn’t the wors.

Speling was always easy for me. I hardly ever mi spell words. It is a gif I got from God. U know what I mean? God is good that way.

God has showed me we should use the gif’s we  r good at for his kindom. If you can’t spel, don’t writ.¹

3 thoughts on “For Those of U Who Can’t Spel…

  1. I love it when you make me laugh. Sr

  2. This is one of the reasons I love your blog. You are kind of like me. There are times to be serious and times to laugh.

    We have had a great weekend, busy though as he has not been in for a month. He leaves tomorrow again. I wanted some cabinets with shelves for the house, so we went to Lowes and got two and he put them together for me. We have to make our time count as we really do not have that much together. One day retirement will come:>)

    Hope you had a good one also. God Bless, SR

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